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Our team of highly specialist dieticians in the fields of renal, paediatrics, diabetes, mental health, oncology, nutritional support and obesity, can assess your nutritional requirements, devise, implement and monitor your individual care treatment and plan. We also advise on prescription medications and help to educate you, your carers and your healthcare professionals about the best nutrition for you.

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Care Homes

Care Homes

Care home dietetics referral form


Please see attached below food and fluid chart for your referral

Food and fluid record chart [docx] 146KB

Please consider if your referral is appropriate. If a patient appears to be imminently approaching the end of their life, please consider if our input will be in their best interests.

Please find some useful information regarding Care Homes and the Dietetics service

Please follow the MUST guide to assess residents risk of malnutrition: Must Guide[pdf] 874KB

Useful tips for dietary intake in relation to COVID-19: COVID-19 support - nutrition support for care homes[pdf] 51KB

FAQs to completing the referral form

How to upload a food and fluid chart?

You can download the latest food and fluid chart here, please fill in the document and attach to the question on page 5 of the form.


How can I complete the chart?

You can download the chart and complete on your computer or you can download the chart, print it off, complete it, scan it, and save it to your computer.

Whatever works for you, but the completed chart will ultimately need to be saved on your computer to later be attached to the question within the form.


How to go back and complete an incomplete referral form / section of form incomplete?

If you are not able to complete the form in one sitting you have the option to save and exit the form. Once you have saved you will need to give an email and password in order for you to log back in and complete. The link to do this will appear in your emails.


How will I know I have completed the form successfully?

If you have filled in all the required fields you will receive a confirmation email from the service.

Only when you receive this email will it be confirmed the form has successfully been completed.

Are you interested in being a Dietitian?

Are you interested in being a Dietitian?

If you are interested in finding out more about what career opportunities nutrition and dietetics can offer, please click here to view information from the British Dietetic Association.

Dietetics offers a varied and very rewarding career working in many clinical specialities and with all ages of the population. Communication is a key part of our role. A lot of our work focuses on motivation and supporting patients and service users to make behaviour changes.

Our service offers online work experience sessions where we will discuss how to train and careers available. Dietitians will discuss their roles and we will answer your questions. If interested in taking part please register your interest by emailing

Do you want to work for us?

Job vacancies will be on the NHS Jobs website. We will also share job opportunities on our Twitter page @DieteticsNHFT. 

We sometimes have bank hours available please contact our department to discuss this further.


Extra Support

Extra Support


We have COVID-19 Buddies and Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA) within our team.