What is a governor?

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Governors make a difference

What is a Governor?

Governors are generally people who have an interest in healthcare and care about improving their local health services for the good of the whole community.

Governors play an essential role of our Trust, providing a bridge between our membership, our community and our Board. There are statutory duties that our governors perform however, most importantly they listen and represent their communities. They help us to learn, develop and continue to grow as a Trust.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions document to find out more.

What does the role involve

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Governors are an important part of NHFT

What does the role involve?

The role involves attending interesting discussions and meetings to help support the running of the Trust. You might also get involved in the organisation of member events, service visits, open days, focus groups and more. Your main role is to be the voice for the community you represent.

Read more about the role on the NHS providers website

How does the role make a difference?

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Represent your community

How does the role make a difference?

Governors play an important role in Northamptonshire Healthcare. Our governors are an important and vital link between the Trust and the people we serve. Not only do governors represent the interests of their communities, and the public as a whole, but using their networks and local ties, they can help us engage more effectively on Trust priorities and decisions.

We are rated as an outstanding organisation by the CQC and this has meant better care for the people of Northamptonshire and beyond.  For this to continue we need to maintain strong partnerships between Directors, staff, service users and their carers – and governors play a key part in this. Governor roles can be fitted around you, with many of our meetings currently taking place virtually. 

How do I become a Governor?

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Next steps

How do I become a Governor?

We have a variety of governors including public, service user, carer, staff and partner governors. Governors are elected by the members of the Trust, for a term of three years. Governors may stand for re-election for a further one or two terms. When only candidate puts themselves forward for a seat they are appointed automatically without an election. If a Governor cannot complete a whole term, the role is offered to the second placed person in the election. During August 2021 we will be looking for new Governors to fill seats in our Council of Governors.

We are also hosting a Becoming a Governor sessions on Monday 9 August at 5.30pm which you can register to attend by clicking here.

The available seats are:

  • Public - Kettering and Corby
  • Public - Rest of England
  • Service user - Adult
  • NHFT Staff - Other Clinical

Watch our last Becoming a Governor session.

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