Mental health support

For local support and services give one of our friendly team a call, anytime of the day or night:

0800 448 0828 - Lines available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Click here to find out more about the mental health health number.

If you have questions or concerns around employment, financial worries or queries or further information on benefits, our IPS (individual placement and support) employment advisors are here to help during this time. You can contact them today via the Integrated Response Hub number listed above – they are usually available 8am to 6pm daily, or you can arrange a call back outside of these times

To access mental health support online please click here for more information about our IAPT service. Here you can complete an online referral form (where you can also request an interpreter if needed) as well as complete programmes online via our SilverCloud portal. Please note: both these options allow individuals to interact without using the telephone, and then appointments can be made via text or email.

We have a dedicated team who offer mental health services and support to children and young people up to the age of 18. Click here to find out more about the CAMHS in the Community service.

If you, or someone you know, is in need of urgent mental health support please click here for information on the immediate support available.

Adult mental health

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Keep safe scheme

A logo for the keep safe scheme in Northamptonshire

The Keep Safe Card is a countywide scheme which helps people with a disability, condition or illness, which may make them vulnerable, feel safe and access help when out and about.

The Keep Safe Scheme was launched in 2011 for people with learning disabilities.  It proved a popular way for card holders and their family to feel safe when they went out from their home. 

It has now been expanded to include people with other disabilities and illnesses and Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation Trust has become a partner.

The scheme encourages all who think they would benefit from being a card holder to join.  After completing a form they are provided a Keep Safe Card, which holds details about the person's needs as well as contact details for people close to them, such as next of kin or carers, who can be phoned in an emergency. The card also provides how best to support and talk with the card holder.

If the card holder feels unsafe or needs help, they can show the card to a member of staff where they happen to be - in shops, leisure centres etc. The Scheme has been shared widely to ensure as many staff as possible in such premises are aware of it and able to respond. Details are also held on a secure database by the three emergency services, who can access to ensure their staff are able to support the person in the best possible way.

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