Adult Inpatient PICU

Some patients with mental health problems are acutely unwell and need intensive treatment and support as an inpatient. We provide this can in our psychiatric intensive care units (PICUs), Marina Ward based at Berrywood Hospital and our female only unit Shearwater PICU based at the Welland Centre. The units provide a stable environment for recovery.

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How we work

How we work

Our team work in a non-discriminatory and collaborative way. We work with our service users to create a space of understanding. We want to ensure we are able to acknowledge our service users' cultures, life experiences, protected characteristics and their strengths to promote their recovery.

Co-production of care with our service users is central to their recovery journey and makes up a key part of our ethos. We endeavour to make sure we work with service users, carers, clinicians, practitioners and external agencies to create and enable care plans. We aim to help those who come through our service to identify their resources and plan for how they can use these to take control of their life and achieve their chosen goals.

More information

More information

We have gender specific psychiatric intensive care units (PICU) that give intensive, short term, personalised care for people between the ages of 18 and 65.

Our service users admitted to our units have been detained under the Mental Health Act (MHA) 1983.

Our service is for:

  • Those suffering from an acute phase of serious mental distress
  • Those who have an associated loss of capacity for self-control
  • Those with an increased risk* which means they cannot be treated in an acute mental health ward

*Increase risk means there is a likelihood of seriously compromise to their physical or psychological wellbeing, or that of others.