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Work experience

3 teenagers

Work experience

Work experience takes place in the workplace and allows people to experience what it’s like to do a job. You will be supervised by staff who already work in the environment. Work experience placements can vary but are usually one or two weeks long. Some placements offer hands-on experience, while others might involve watching and shadowing. You can put the training you get while on a placement on your CV.

Placements give valuable experience for people who want a career in the health sector. It also brings benefits for our Trust, such as encouraging people to think about working in healthcare. This might be through an Apprenticeship which can offer opportunities in all areas of the Trust, ranging from health care, therapy and community roles to corporate services, catering and business admin. Our Apprenticeships lead to nationally recognised qualifications, as well as a variety of career paths.  

Work experience is crucial to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. At its best, work experience can open your eyes to jobs you may not have thought of and help inform your career decisions. It can offer a chance to prove yourself to an employer and help you understand the behaviours expected at work.

We believe in helping to build skills so that young people are ready to work in healthcare.


Key reasons for offering work experience:

To work with the local community and schools to inspire and inform the next generation. 

To help our staff build management and leadership skills.

To understand how other people view the Trust.

To increase staff engagement - our colleagues get a real buzz from inspiring young people.

To open your eyes to jobs you may not have thought of in the NHS.

To give valuable experience to students who might want a career in the health sector.

Interested in a work experience placement?

If you are interested in a placement, please fill out the Work experience application form[docx] 83KB and send us a copy of a proof of identity document. Send the form and document to the address below or email it to work.experience@nhft.nhs.uk.

Apprenticeship Team
Third Floor
Newland House
Campbell Square

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