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Families, friends and carers

We greatly value the very important role that carers play in supporting people who use our services.  We want to work in partnership with you to provide the best treatment and support.  We also recognise that, on occasions, you also need support and have a statutory right to an assessment of your own needs.

We believe you are a carer if you are providing help or support to a child, relative or friend who experiences physical or mental ill health, whether you give practical help or emotional support. This page contains information on carers support groups and organisations in the area, information for carers produced by the Trust and how we work with you. As a Trust we identify with supporting carers at the first point of contact with services.

We have developed a carer's charter which shows our commitment to you.

As a Trust, we will

  • listen to you without bias or prejudice
  • take what you say seriously
  • recognise you as someone providing support to the person for whom you care and respect you accordingly
  • value you as someone who has relevant and important knowledge about the person you care for
  • ask your opinion, respect and value your views and, where necessary, keep these confidential
  • explain how we will use any information you provide
  • give you the choice on whether you wish to continue with your role as a carer
  • work in partnership with Northamptonshire Carers to support you in your caring role.

You can expect us to

  • involve you in decisions about you and the person you care for (with appropriate consent), including the preparation of their care plan
  • make sure you know whom to contact in an emergency or crisis
  • give you a copy of the care plan (with appropriate consent) and in a format that suits you.  This should set out the responsibilities of all the people involved in providing care and will vary depending on the service provided
  • give you the opportunity to tell us if you feel the care plan is not working and involve you in discussions about any actions to address this
  • hold meetings at a time that suits both you and the person you care for
  • respect and be sensitive to your needs and wishes
  • arrange help for you to communicate your views should you require it
  • advise you of action to take if you are unhappy about any aspect of the care we provide.

If you need support regarding any aspect of your role as a carer, including a carer assessment, please contact Northamptonshire Carers.  

How we work with you – NHFT groups support and initiatives

The Trust works in partnership with Trust staff and carers. By listening to and involving carers, we can provide better care for our patients and service users. For more information about being involved click here

Carers Strategy

This strategy aims to ensure that Trust staff listen and respond to the needs, views and aspirations of carers and work with carers as partners in care. 

Read the Carer's Charter [pdf] 89KB

and Carer Strategy  [pdf] 330KB

Carers and confidentiality

We think that it is important to work closely with carers and share information, in order to help in the care and treatment of our service users and patients. To find out more, read our guide to Common Sense Confidentiality [pdf] 2MB


NHFT Carers Group

The NHFT Carer’s Group is for carers aged 18 and over who provide support for people receiveing care from the Planned Care and Recovery Team (PCART) or Crisis Services.

The aim of the group is to support carers by helping them to reflect on the care they provide and to develop practical strategies. Carers need to be able to commit to attending four introductory sessions, with the opportunity to attend a further 10 sessions. For more information call 01604 658834.


Crisis Cafés

Drop-in cafes are run around Northamptonshire  by an NHFT professional and a MIND peer support worker. They provide support and safety to anyone in need by offering coping mechanisms and management techniques to help reduce the risk of crisis. They also provide advice and support to carers. To see the most up to date Crisis Café timetable click here.


Recovery College NHFT

Supports individuals with experience of mental health difficulties to live the life they want to lead and become experts in their own self-care. All courses are co-produced and co-delivered by people with lived experience of mental health difficulties and mental health professionals, providing a shared learning environment where those with lived experience and those who provide their support and NHS staff can learn together. Carers are also able to access courses. 

For course dates and to find out more information about enrolling call 01604 658815 (Monday – Friday 9:30am to 4pm) or email


Carers Retreat Support Group

This support group provides peer support, information and tips, for those looking after a friend, relative or loved on who suffers with a diagnosis of a mental health disorder. The group meets on the first Thursday of each month, 7-9pm at Campbell House, Northampton, NN13EB. 

For more information please contact Chrissie Brown on 01604 658827 or 07717 228252