Welcome to CAMHS Live

CAMHS Live is here to help you access the mental health services you might need.

You can speak to us live and online Monday-Friday, 9am-7pm - just click on the box at the bottom of the page to speak to one of advisors.

Alternative services available

If we are offline help is still availble, you can contact CHILDLINE or the SAMARITANS.

Find out more about texting a school nurse online.

Who we help and what do we do?

Who we help and what do we do?

We help young people aged 13 years and older, as well as there parents or carers, who need or want advice and information about emotional wellbeing and mental health services.

Using the Live Chat button, you can talk to one of our friendly team, without judgement and safely. We talk through your worries, questions or issues and we can help you to find the right kind of support and access it in the best way for you.

If you need to be referred for further support we can talk to you through the chat or over the phone to help refer you appropriately.



All live chats at are secure with end to end encryption provided by a digital certificate and meet NHS Information Governance Standards. We can chat online confidentially with you if you are 13 years or over and you do not need to give us your name if do not wish to do so. We will not share any information outside of the chat.

If we jointly agree to refer you to a service, we will need your permission to take your personal information. We may do this more easily, with your agreement, over the phone. Either we can call you at an agreed time (between 10am - 4.30pm) or you are welcome to call us. We will share our direct dial number with you at the time of making any referrals.

The only time we would break complete confidentiality is if we were worried about immediate physical safety, which we would discuss with you at that point.

iWantGreatCare and feedback

iWantGreatCare and feedback

Please tell us about your care. Good or bad your comments are really important and will help improve the service for you and others. 

To leave feedback please visit the CAMHS team page on the iWantGreatCare website.

Meet the team

Meet the team

We are all trained CAMHS workers ready to speak to you without judgement, pressure or assumption. The team aim to provide you with the help and support you need today according to your needs.

Want to know who you are speaking to? 

Mark – Specialist Mental health Practitioner

Nathan - Specialist Mental health Practitioner

Katie - Specialist Mental health Practitioner

Emmah - Specialist Mental health Practitioner

Roline - Specialist Mental health Practitioner

Ooroosa - Specialist Mental health Practitioner