Special School Nursing Team

We are a team of nurses and healthcare assistants who provide the Healthy Child Programme in special educational settings throughout the county, this is a planned series of public health interventions for children and families at school age to age 19. Our countywide Special School Nursing Team includes senior support workers and school nurses.

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About us

About us

Our Special School Nursing Team work within schools. We provide evidence based training to help school staff give necessary clinical interventions during the school day. This includes epilepsy management and anaphylaxis.

Our team also works closely with other teams to provide the best possible care for children and young people.

This includes:

  • Community Paediatricians
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Social Care.

Our services focus on four levels of delivery. Families with the greatest need receive targeted interventions and families with the least need receiving universal services.

We follow a public health approach and our main purposes are:

  • health promotion
  • health protection
  • prevention of ill health or accident
  • early intervention.

The team works with you, your child and professionals working with your child to ensure the Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) process when there is a presenting health need / needs. Find out more information on what Education Health Care Plans.

The Special School Nursing Team supports with the school age immunisation programme. We work closely with our teams across the county to ensure high uptake of the programme.

Children aged 4 to 11

Children aged 4 to 11

Whether your little one has just started school or is moving from primary to secondary the Special School Nursing team is here to offer advice, support, and information to help you and your family.

We offer all children the following assessments:

  • In each school year you will be asked to complete a health survey. This help us know if your child has any health issues we can support you with
  • In reception year we will offer screening of your child’s hearing and vision
  • In reception year we will offer reception screening of your child’s weight and height, and if needed we can do this more often
  • In reception year we will carry out a continence assessment
  • A yearly flu jab is offered to all children in special education.

You don’t need to contact us to arrange these. We will contact you letting you know when they are happening. They will be done in school during normal school hours.

We know being a parent of a child with additional needs can be hard. The Special School Nursing team is here to support you as part of the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) when you need it. We can help advise parents / carers if you need further support through the Early Help Assessment Process.

You can also access mental and emotional wellbeing support by giving the Mental Health Number a ring to be signposted to appropriate support for you.

Teenagers aged 12 to 19

Teenagers aged 12 to 19

The Special School Nursing team is here to offer advice, support and help to young people across our county.

We offer the following:

  • A “drop in” session at some of the secondary schools - this is run by a school nurse. You can get private advice about any physical, sexual, or mental health concerns.
  • In year 8 we offer the HPV (Human papillomavirus) jab
  • In year 10 we offer the Meningitis ACWY and diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis (DTP) jab

We understand being a teenager can be tough and want to help you where we can.

We can offer advice on:

  • low mood, stress or anxiety
  • relationship problems
  • contraceptive advice
  • sexual health concerns
  • identity questions
  • toileting issues
  • not feeling safe at home, at school or outside of school
  • caring for a parent who is ill or disabled
  • alcohol and drug use advice
  • quitting smoking
  • weight and healthy eating help.