Children's Therapy Services - Speech & Language Therapy

We support children who have speech, language and communication difficulties. We help them to achieve clear and fluent speech and understand spoken language. Communication is a complex skill and we use communication aids, signs, symbols and gestures to support children and young people.

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What we strive for

As a service we strive for:

  • Timely and appropriate referrals to Speech and Language Therapy Service  
  • Improvement in parental awareness, knowledge and the home communication environment
  • Increased educational professional confidence in understanding, developing and supporting children’s speech, language and communication 
  • Improved outcomes for children with Speech and Language and Communication needs  
  • Successful collaborative working with families and  services for shared outcomes

As a service we do not offer:

  • Elocution
  • Teaching English  as an additional language
  • Developmentally normal speech sound errors

The service journey:

Step One: Speak with or meet a therapist: We meet the family and child in our clinic or via the telephone to talk about your greatest need at this time. We combine the parents’ thoughts and hopes, what is currently working well for the young person and our assessment information to work out what support package would be most beneficial at this moment in time.

Step Two: Develop some skills and strategies via a support package: We then work with you, for a series of sessions to offer strategies, advice and recommendations so that you feel confident to put these into practise during your everyday routines.

Step Three: What you’ll need to do outside of the sessions: For the best outcomes for your child or young person, we have to work as a team from the very start and you will have things you need to go away and do outside of the sessions. You are your child’s greatest support and we need to embed these strategies into everyday routines and interactions to make a positive change.

Step Four: Ending the support package / closing our episodes of care: At the end of the support package, you will have all the knowledge and skills you require to support your child’s needs, at the current time. This means that you do not need further input from us at that time and the episode of care will be closed. You and your child do need time to embed what you have learned and focus on these each and every day. If your child’s needs change and you feel another series of sessions may be beneficial, then a new support package can be discussed.