Children's SALT - Brook Health Centre, Towcester

We support children who have speech, language and communication difficulties, helping them to achieve clear and fluent speech and understand spoken language. We can also help children who have difficulties eating, drinking and swallowing, working with parents, teachers, carers, learning support assistants and childcare workers and provide training sessions for them.

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What we strive for

As a service we strive for:

  • Timely and appropriate referrals to Speech and Language Therapy Service  
  • Improvement in parental awareness, knowledge and the home communication environment
  • Increased educational professional confidence in understanding, developing and supporting children’s speech, language and communication 
  • Improved outcomes for children with Speech and Language and Communication needs  
  • Successful collaborative working with families and  services for shared outcomes

As a service we do not offer:

  • Elocution
  • Teaching English  as an additional language
  • Developmentally normal speech sound errors