Trust documents

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Name Size/Type Description Date
Waste management policy (Review August 21) HSCp001 551KB PDF Procedure and guidance on the management of waste. 08 Feb 2019
Water Safety Risk Management Policy (Review Jan 2020) HSC027.pdf 696KB PDF To ensure the Trust does all that is reasonably practicable to manage the risk of legionellosis/pseudomonas aeruginosa and meet the requirements of the relevant guidance. 18 Jan 2017
WDES Action Plan 2019 - 20 125KB DOCX Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) Action Plan 2019 – 2020 30 Sep 2019
Welland Centre Admissions 1430KB PDF What you need to know when on admission to the Welland Centre 28 Aug 2018
Wellbeing and Attendance Management Policy (Review Aug 21) HR017 1335KB PDF This policy provides a framework for all staff to actively engage with promoting healthier choices and maintaining acceptable levels of attendance within NHFT. 04 Dec 2019
Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer - booklet 1939KB PDF A booklet showcasing Cynthia Spencer Hospice's Wellbeing at Cynthia Spencer programme 24 Apr 2019
Wellbeing webinars 43KB PDF A poster detailing free NHS wellbeing webinars. 28 Nov 2017
What happens to medication you bring to Hospital? (Patient's Own Drugs) - leaflet 269KB PDF A leaflet outlining information about patients medication when admitted to Hospital. 15 May 2019
What is a podiatric surgeon? 292KB PDF The College of Podiatry presents their booklet on what is a podiatric surgeon 02 Oct 2018
What is physiotherapy? 1198KB PDF A leaflet letting you know what physiotherapy is and what it entails 04 Oct 2018
What to expect when someone is dying leaflet 2747KB PDF A guide to help you understand what may happen and how care may be managed when someone is thought to be in the last days and hours of their life. Hard copies are available from 25 Feb 2019
Wheatfield Low Secure Unit Operational Policy OP.WHEATFIELD (Review April 2021) 1186KB PDF To give operational guidance for admission and management of the inpatient forensic service. 19 Jun 2018
When Someone Dies - Initial practical advice and support booklet 3048KB PDF A leaflet including information and advice on what to do when someone dies. Hard copies are available from 25 Feb 2019
Working Times Regulations Management Procedure (Review January 2021) HRP009 706KB PDF The purpose of this procedure is to assist managers in the interpretation of Working Time Regulations and to help managers with implementation. This procedure acts as a summary of workers’ rights and key issues which need to be considered to ensure that safe working arrangements exist. 16 Apr 2018
Working with display screen equipment guidelines (Review Aug 2021) HSCg014 870KB PDF The aim of these guidelines is to ensure all reasonable steps are taken to ensure the health and safety of all employees who work with display screen equipment (DSE). 11 Sep 2018
Working with Risk (Review Dec 2019) CLP021 1660KB PDF To ensure a consistent approach to risk assessment and risk management with service users using the ‘working with risk ‘tools and implementation of the doh guidance ‘best practice in managing risk’. 20 Feb 2019
Wound photography guidelines (review April 2020) CLPg011 1064KB PDF These guidelines have been prepared to ensure best practice and standardisation of digital wound photography across the Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. 20 Jul 2017
WRES Action Plan 2018 - 19 436KB PDF An action plan detailing NHFT's next steps and metrics on the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES). 28 Sep 2018
WRES Action Plan 2019 - 20 129KB DOCX The action of Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) Action Plan 2019 – 2020 30 Sep 2019