Trust documents




Name Size/Type Description Date
Back to Work Map (LTS) (Appendix 5) HR017 45KB PDF Back to work for Long Term Sick (Appendix 5) for policy HR017 28 Nov 2018
Bank agency overtime procedure (Review Mar 2021) HRp031 1217KB PDF This procedure explains how to deal with requests for bank, agency and overtime staffing. 02 Jul 2018
Bed Rails leaflet 984KB PDF An information leaflet on bed rails 05 Sep 2017
Being Open / Duty of Candour Policy (Review Jan 2020) CRM006 1120KB PDF This policy is to develop an open and supportive process of communication when adverse events occur. 15 Mar 2018
Berrywood Operational Policy OP (Review Oct 2018).pdf 479KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to provide a unified operational policy for the Adult Acute. 18 Jan 2017
Bipolar Psychoeducation group information leaflet 500KB PDF An information leaflet about bipolar psychoeducation group 23 Aug 2017
Bipolar Psychoeducation group Poster 331KB PDF A poster detailing information for a bipolar psychoeducation group 23 Aug 2017
Borderline Personality Disorder - leaflet for carers 282KB PDF A leaflet outlining Borderline Personality Disorders for carers. 17 Aug 2018
Borderline Personality Disorder leaflet 351KB PDF A leaflet outlining information about the Borderline Personality Disorder service 17 Aug 2018
Breastfeeding clinics poster update July 2018 454KB PDF A poster outlining breastfeeding support clinics for members of the public. 04 Sep 2018
BST Leaflet v4 FINAL.pdf 1601KB PDF A leaflet informing about N Step martial arts classes 04 Aug 2017