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Name Size/Type Date
e-Roster Protocol (Review Jan 22) HRPr003 1359KB PDF 27 Feb 2019
East Midlands Children and Young People’s Sexual Assault Service professionals leaflet 322KB PDF 03 Jul 2018
Easy Read - Advance Care Planning booklet 5375KB PDF 19 Dec 2019
Eat Better: to reduce your risk of heart and circulartory disease - booklet 15859KB PDF 10 Jul 2019
Eating Disorders Group poster 30KB PDF 23 Sep 2016
Eating Disorders Services leaflet 388KB PDF 23 Sep 2016
Eating well with Diabetes and a small appetite 255KB PDF 10 Dec 2019
Eccentric exercises - document 4038KB PDF 01 May 2020
ECT Protocol (Review May 22) CLPr016 1779KB PDF 21 Aug 2019
ECT referral Pack (Review Apr 21) CLPr016a 1330KB PDF 05 Sep 2019
EIS Early Intervention Psychosis Service Operational Policy (Review Jun 21) OP.EIS 877KB PDF 18 Jul 2019
Email Acceptable Use Procedure (Review Jun 22) IMTr004 937KB PDF 17 Jul 2019
Emergency Admission of Adolescents to Adult In-Patient Units (review Nov 20) CLP038 860KB PDF 07 Feb 2018
Emergency Contraception Protocol (Review Dec 20) MMPR001 872KB PDF 30 Apr 2020
Emotional changes during pregnancy and following childbirth 465KB PDF 15 May 2019
Encephalitis - information sheet 241KB PDF 04 Feb 2020
EOL Care Pathway: Northamptonshire End of Life Care Pathway for Adults with Learning Disabilities (LD) (Review Dec 2020) 142KB PDF 30 Apr 2020
EOL Resources: Resources for End of Life Care Pathway for Adults with Learning Disabilities (LD) (Review Dec 2020) 115KB PDF 30 Apr 2020
Equality information: what's it got to do with you? 467KB PDF 09 Oct 2018
Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights Policy (review Dec 2020) PB002 1186KB PDF 12 Jun 2020