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Name Size/Type Description Date
East Midlands Children and Young People’s Sexual Assault Service professionals leaflet 322KB PDF A leaflet for professionals about the referral pathway to the children and young peoples SARC. 03 Jul 2018
Eating Disorders Group poster 30KB PDF A poster outlining details of a group available to those who care for someone with an eating disorder, 23 Sep 2016
Eating Disorders Service - How to Make a Referral 2209KB PDF A leaflet outlining how to make a referral to the Eating Disorders Service. 19 Sep 2018
Eating Disorders Services leaflet 388KB PDF A leaflet outlining information on eating disorders service. 23 Sep 2016
ECT Protocol update (Review Dec 2018) CLPr016 1393KB PDF The protocol draws upon existing protocols and takes account of the ect handbook, nice technical appraisal and ectas. 29 Jun 2018
ECT Ward Pack updated (Review Dec 2018) CLPr016a 1438KB PDF This ward pack is referred to in the protocol CLPr016 29 Jun 2018
EIS Early Intervention Psychosis Service (Review Feb 2013) OP.pdf 257KB PDF To provide staff and other with clear guidance and understanding of the Early Intervention Psychosis service (N-STEP). 13 Dec 2016
Email Acceptable Use Procedure (review Nov 18) IMTr004 549KB PDF This procedure sets the standards for the use of email, states the position of the Trust and sets out the obligations for all members of staff. 09 Jan 2018
Emergency Admission of Adolescents to Adult In-Patient Units (review Nov 20) CLP038 860KB PDF This policy addresses the needs of 14–18yr olds requiring emergency hospital admission. 07 Feb 2018
Emergency Contraception Protocol (Review September 20) MMPR001 811KB PDF The aim of this protocol is to describe the process for Northamptonshire Integrated Sexual Health Services (NISH) staff to provide emergency contraception within the clinics and satellite venues. 16 Nov 2018
Emergency Preparedness, Resilience and Response Policy (Review Dec 2019) CRM009 537KB PDF This policy requires each directorate to identify suitable personnel to maintain local assessments, arrangements and instructions for those situations and events more likely to become incidents and relevant emergencies. 07 Dec 2017
Emergency Rescue Medication In The Treatment Of Prolonged Seizures And Convulsive Status Guidelines (Review Jan 20) MMG002 1464KB PDF To give guidance to staff on the use of emergency rescue medication for the treatment of prolonged seizures and convulsive status epilepticus. 26 Jun 2018
Emotional changes during pregnancy and following childbirth 202KB PDF A leaflet outlining information about maternal mental health. 27 Nov 2017
End of Life Medication Guidelines (review - Jan19) MMG035 457KB PDF Guidelines for the management of common symptons for a person thought to be in the last few days and hours of life. 23 Oct 2017
Enteral Feeding Guidelines infant child young person (review April 2020) - CLPg006a 1644KB PDF A policy detailing guidlines for enteral feeding 25 May 2017
Environmental Policy (Review Jan 2020) HSC015.pdf 562KB PDF To protect the environment from any harm which may result from the Trust's activities. 23 Nov 2018
ePEX Procedure (Review Nov 2018) IMTr008 679KB PDF The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to staff in the safe and appropriate use of ePEX. 24 Jul 2018
Equality Inclusion and Human Rights Policy (review Aug 2020) PB002 808KB PDF This policy sets out NHFTs commitment to tackle discrimination, promote human rights, equality and diversity for service users, patients, staff and carers in all areas of employment practice and service delivery. 08 Nov 2017
Equality information: what's it got to do with you? 467KB PDF Leaflet to aid staff when asking service users for equality monitoring information 09 Oct 2018
eRoster Protocol (Review Dec 2018) HRPr003.pdf 846KB PDF To outline guidelines and process for e-Rostering units. 08 Mar 2017