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N-STEP family work FINAL.pdf 1374KB PDF 06 Sep 2017
N-Step Welcome Pack 380KB PDF A leaflet outlining need to know information for N-Step. 23 Sep 2016
Need to access one of these services? - leaflet 288KB PDF For those accessing Intermediate Care Team, District / Community Nursing Team, Falls Team or Specialist Palliative Care Team - a how to guide for contacting the teams 08 May 2019
New admission into short breaks services (Review Jun 2021) CLPr007 368KB PDF The purpose of this policy to provide clear guidance on the procedure to be followed when accepting a new referral into one of the Short Breaks units. 28 Jun 2018
Next Steps Workshop - leaflet 482KB PDF A leaflet advertising dementia workshop for those who have been newly diagnosed with dementia and their families 24 Apr 2019
NHFT A3 Mental Health Pathway Poster 1089KB PDF 28 Feb 2019
NHFT A5 hydration for health leaflet. 313KB PDF NHFT A5 hydration for health leaflet. pdf 10 Dec 2019
NHFT Annual Plan 2015-16 Public 2016 3857KB PDF NHFT annual report 2016 07 Feb 2017
NHFT Annual report 2012-13 3676KB PDF NHFT annual report 2013 07 Feb 2017
NHFT Annual report 2013-14 10100KB PDF NHFT annual report 2014 07 Feb 2017
NHFT Annual report 2014-15 11185KB PDF NHFT annual report 2015 07 Feb 2017
NHFT Annual report 2015-16 8912KB PDF NHFT annual report 2016 21 Mar 2017
NHFT Annual report 2016-17 4078KB PDF NHFT Annual report 2017 14 Jul 2017
NHFT Annual Report and Accounts 2017-18 10024KB PDF NHFT Annual Report 2017/18 25 Jul 2018
NHFT Case study booklet - Making a difference everyday 7420KB PDF Our case study booklet which contains a handful of examples of how our services have shared their innovative ways of working to make a real difference for our patients, service users and carers. 29 Jun 2018
NHFT Constitution - December 2019 1078KB PDF This document contains the NHFT constitution for December 2019 04 Dec 2019
NHFT involvement guidelines (Review April 22) CLPg068 358KB PDF This document outlines involvement guidelines. 04 Jun 2019
NHFT Symptom Management Guidelines for a Person thought to be in the last few days and hours of life (review Jan22) MMG035 556KB PDF These guidelines are for the management of common symptoms for a person thought to be in the last few days and hours of life. 30 Mar 2020
NHFT WDES 2019 Data Summary at 31.03.19 (ER).docx 302KB DOCX Workforce Disability Equality Standard (WDES) – Data summary 2019 30 Sep 2019
NHS Dental Services in England - leaflet 131KB PDF NHS leaflet showcasing the dental services that can be found within England 05 Jul 2019