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Governance of Trust Policies (Review Dec 21) PB001 760KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to describe the trust’s approach to governance of policies and applies to all policies. 21 Feb 2019
Grievance Policy and Procedure (Review Apr 22) HR002 625KB PDF To ensure staff grievances are dealt with quickly, reasonably and fairly. 08 Jan 2020
Guidance for prescribing systemic anticancer therapies in hospices (Review Nov 20) MMG019 867KB PDF The purpose of this guidance is to provide a framework of the process to follow if a patient who is receiving a systemic oral anti-cancer drug is admitted to an inpatient area. 28 Dec 2018
Guidance for the Provision of Second Opinions (Review Oct 21) CLPg004 719KB PDF This guideline outlines the action that should be taken by clinicians when a service user or carer requests a second opinion, explaining issues that should be considered when a request is made, and describing the process for facilitating such a request. 11 Jun 2019
Guidance for the Transition of Young People from Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services to Adult Mental Health (Review Jun 20) CLPg067 931KB PDF The aim of this document is to provide clear guidance for clinicians and managers for the transition of young people from Children’s Services within Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and local partners. 03 Jun 2019
Guidance for the Treatment of Prisoners and Service Users taking Stimulants, Cannabis and Novel Psychoactive substances (Rev May 22) MMG037 699KB PDF This document provides guidance to staff working within NHFT services when encountering individuals presenting with symptoms indicating NPS use who have or have not been prescribed Opiate Substitution Therapy. 13 Jun 2019
Guidance on request for transfer of Consultant (Review Oct 21) CLPg066 802KB PDF This guideline has been developed to enable staff to respond to requests from service users or carers to change the clinician they are currently allocated and this guideline sets out the arrangements for service users or carers to request a change of their clinician in certain circumstances. 11 Jun 2019
Guidance on the use of Naloxone in the management of opioid-induced respiratory depression (Review July 2020) MMG021 839KB PDF Naloxone is a potent opioid antagonist. It reversibly blocks access to opioid receptors and displaces opioid agonists due to its higher affinity. This guidance aims to support clinicians working within the hospices to safely prescribe and administer naloxone. 13 Aug 2018
Guidance on the use of smoking cessation products (Review Sept 22) MMG036 1290KB PDF To provide assurance to Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and its patients that smoking cessation and associated Nicotine Replacement Therapy will be provided according to patient need and choice. 04 Dec 2019
Guidelines for initiation and use of abilify maintena (Review Nov 20) MMG022 1064KB PDF To provide guidance on the use of Aripiprazole long acting injection. 28 Dec 2018
Guidelines for Initiation and Use of Risperidone and Paliperidone (Review March 22) MMG008 1226KB PDF To provide guidance on the use of Risperidone LAI and Paliperidone LAI 09 May 2019
Guidelines for Management of Patients receiving Treatment Doses of Low Molecular Weight Heparins (review May 21) MMG032 1095KB PDF To provide guidance on the management of patients prescribed treatment doses of low molecular weight heparins to reduce the risk of harm from incorrect prescribing and administration. 13 Jun 2019
Guidelines for Medical Representatives (Review Sept 2020) MMG014 748KB PDF To provide guidance to Trust staff on the expected level of conduct of medical representatives when they visit Trust premises and the actions required when accepting hospitality. 07 Nov 2018
Guidelines for Monitoring of Antimanic and Prophylactic Medication in Bipolar Disorder (review Sep 20) MMG023 1005KB PDF To provide guidance for prescribers on the monitoring required for patients on this group of medicines. 10 May 2019
Guidelines for Out of Hours Treatment of Opioid Dependent Patients (Review Sep 20) MMG028 1003KB PDF To provide advice for Doctors for the initial treatment of opioid dependent patients on admission. 01 Nov 2018
Guidelines for Prescribing Oral Methotrexate (Review Sep 20) MMG031 982KB PDF To provide guidance on the management of patients prescribed oral methotrexate, to reduce the risk of harm from incorrect prescribing administration or monitoring of methotrexate. 01 Nov 2018
Guidelines for the Management of Diabetes during the end of Life (Review September 20) MMG010 848KB PDF This guidance has been developed to aid healthcare professionals working in the specialist field of palliative care to ensure adults aged 18 or over with diabetes who are nearing the end of life have good glycaemic control in the inpatient setting. 15 Nov 2018
Guidelines for the Preceptorship of new clinical registrants CLPg072 590KB PDF New guidance and structure to the preceptorship process within NHFT. 30 May 2017
Guidelines for the prevention and management of Pressure Ulcers in all Care Settings (Review Feb 22) CLPg003 1342KB PDF These guidelines aim to prevent harm/lapses in care that may result in the development of pressure ulceration within all Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust care settings. 21 Aug 2019
Guidelines for the safe use of Mobile Electric Patient Lifting Hoists (Review Jun 22) HSCg001 995KB PDF This guidance is for all staff whose duties covers the treatment of service users who are not able to weight bear, and cannot be transferred safely in any other way. 06 Aug 2019