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Management of Constipation within Specialist Palliative Care (Review May 22) MMG034 878KB PDF The aim of this guidance is to aid clinical decision making when assessing and managing constipation within specialist palliative care. 26 Sep 2019
Management of dental patients with conscious sedation (Review Nov 20) MMPr026 752KB PDF To provide a framework enabling the provision of a safe, efficient and effective service in a compassionate and supportive environment. 21 Aug 2019
Management of Mattresses and Bedframes Procedure (Jun 2020) ICPr008 858KB PDF The Health Act 2010 - Code of Practice for the Prevention and Control of Health Care Associated Infections sets out the criteria by which NHS organisations must ensure that the risk of Health Care Associated Infection is kept as low as possible and patients are cared for in a clean environment. Compliance with the code is a statutory requirement including the duty to adhere to policies and procedure applicable to infection prevention and control. Poor maintenance of foam mattresses and their covers may lead to staining of the foam or inner surfaces of the mattress covers. 29 Jun 2018
Management of Patients on Oral Anticoagulation (Review Jul 2020) MMG030 814KB PDF To provide guidance on the management of patients prescribed oral anticoagulants to reduce the risk of harm from incorrect prescribing administration or monitoring of oral anticoagulation. 13 Aug 2018
Management of Patients with Ectoparastic Infestations (Review Mar 20) ICPr009 818KB PDF Ectoparasites live near the skin or in the hair (scabies and lice) or in the environment (fleas and bedbugs) and bite transiently while they are feeding. They cause disproportionate anxiety because they are visible or their effects are visible. 28 Jun 2018
Management of Stress in the Workplace (review May 2020) HRp013 1034KB PDF This Procedure sets out the Trust’s intentions for the management of mental wellbeing and resilience at work to ensure a healthy, motivated and committed workforce which in turn will deliver high quality services. 28 Jun 2017
Management of Suspected Illicit Substances -Alcohol by Service Users-Visitors in Acute Inpatient Areas (Review Nov 2020) CLP051 583KB PDF This policy outlines the response of staff should alcohol or illicit substances be found or suspected in acute inpatient areas. 29 Mar 2018
Managing and Supporting Employees Experiencing Domestic Abuse (review June 2020) HRP036 708KB PDF The purpose of this protocol is to provide direction and guidance to all Trust staff and managers on the management and support of employees experiencing domestic abuse. 19 Oct 2017
Managing Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy (Review Jun 22) HR007 1107KB PDF Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) is committed to promoting equality, valuing diversity and protecting human rights. 18 Jul 2019
Meadowbank operational policy (review Nov 20) OP.MRU 620KB PDF The purpose of this Policy is to provide operational guidelines for Meadowbank Unit which is the in-patient rehabilitation Service based within Berrywood Hospital. 13 Dec 2017
Medical Appraisal Procedure HRp019 (review May 21) 1198KB PDF To ensure that all doctors and dentists undergo a high quality and consistent form of annual medical and dental appraisal. 19 Jun 2018
Medical Devices Management Policy (Review Dec 22) CLP009 1413KB PDF This policy sets out to establish a framework for the management of medical devices owned and utilised by staff working for and on behalf of Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT). 09 Jan 2020
Medical Gases Operational Policy (review Sept 2020) MMP020 747KB PDF This policy is intended to give safe systems of working with medical gases to all staff involved with MGPS and medical gas cylinders used throughout NHFT. 06 Jun 2018
Medication administration checklist - June 2015 MMP.pdf 224KB PDF Checklist for medication administration. 13 Dec 2016
Medicines Reconciliation and re-use of patients own medicines in Custody Suites (Review Jul 22) MMPr020 991KB PDF This protocol is used to support the Custody Healthcare Practitioner (CHP) in the administration of detainees own medications for which there were existing prescriptions prior to their arrest and detention. 21 Aug 2019
Medicines reconciliation protocol (Review Nov 20) MMpr034 1147KB PDF This protocol defines the medicines reconciliation (MR) process for NHFT to reduce preventable medication errors on admission to hospital or transfer between hospital units, and discharge to primary care. 28 Dec 2018
Memory Assessment Service leaflet 362KB PDF A leaflet outlining information about the Memory Assesment Service (MAS). 14 Jun 2019
Memory Monitoring Clinic leaflet 300KB PDF A leaflet outlining information what the Memory Monitoring Clinic is 17 Dec 2019
Meningitis- information sheet 421KB PDF Meningitis is an infection of the protective membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord (meninges) and can be caused by different organisms, including bacteria and viruses. 04 Feb 2020
Mental Capacity Act Policy including Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (Review Jan 2020) CLP023 1339KB PDF To provide guidance and information to all professionals who may have to make a decision on behalf of an individual who lacks capacity to make the decision themselves. 03 Apr 2018