Trust documents




Name Size/Type Description Date
Facilitating Early Discharge from Hospital (review May 2021) SOP 630KB PDF Early discharge is the process by which the Urgent Care and Assessment Team (UCAT) identifies and works with service users who are still acutely unwell to facilitate their discharge from hospital earlier than otherwise would occur and commence home treatment. 17 Oct 2018
Facilitating Informal Patients Leave Policy (review Jan 21) CLP014 588KB PDF This policy ensures NHFT strikes the right balance between respecting the rights of informal patients and the need to protect people who may be vulnerable. 05 Feb 2018
Falls Checklist booklet 420KB PDF A leaflet outlining a falls checklist. 03 Jan 2017
Falls Prevention Poster 293KB PDF Information for staff regarding falls prevention and what to do in case of a fall during an appointment 27 Mar 2018
Fast Track Discharge - Cynthia Spencer and Cransley Hospice 675KB PDF Leaflet regarding the fast track discharge for both Cynthia Spencer and Cransley Hospice 27 Jul 2018
FI Forensic Inpatients Operational Policy (Review May 15) OP.pdf 472KB PDF To give operational guidance for admission and management of the Forensic Inpatient service. 13 Dec 2016
Fire Policy (review Nov 20) HSC003 659KB PDF To provide a safe working environment for all its employees, patients, visitors and contractors with regard to fire safety in the workplace. 10 Jan 2018
First Aid Provision guidelines (Review Aug 2021) HSCg008 808KB PDF These guidelines promote a positive approach for managers and employees in the management of First Aid at Work, dealing safely and effectively with injuries and illness at work. 11 Sep 2018
Fit and Proper Persons Policy (Review Dec 2019) CRM011 493KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to set out the requirements of the ‘fit and proper person test’ to ensure that all directors (executive, non executive, permanent, interim and associate) are aware of the requirements of the regulations and the responsibilities placed on them. 31 Oct 2017
Flexible Working (Review Jun 2021) HRp001 968KB PDF To outline the flexible working options available to staff and consideration for the Trust in dealing with requests. 29 Jun 2018
Following a Fluid Diet leaflet - Dietetics 687KB PDF A leaflet designed to support those on a fluid diet. 26 Apr 2018
Food Hygiene Guidelines (review Oct 20) HSCg002 980KB PDF This document is guidance in the hygienic production and delivery of food items to patients, customers and staff to conform to the legislation. 08 Jan 2018
Foot and ankle exercises from Podiatric Surgery 451KB DOC A list of exercises for you to complete to help with your rehabilitation after podiatric surgery 02 Oct 2018
Freedom of Information Procedure (review Jan 21) IGPr013 725KB PDF This procedure gives detailed, procedural information and guidance relating to the handling of Freedom of Information requests 26 Jun 2018