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Dealing with Employee Incapability Procedure (review July 2020) HRp014 584KB PDF This document details the procedure which will be followed by the Trust’s managers when dealing with members of staff whose capability to perform the duties of their posts satisfactorily is brought into question. 17 Aug 2017
Death of a Service User Procedure (review Jan 21) CLPr010 621KB PDF To provide staff with guidance on the steps to follow when a service user has died. 07 Feb 2018
Decontamination Policy (review Jan 2021) ICP004 749KB PDF To provide staff with the necessary information to decontaminate patients' equipment safely from infection, injury or other harm. 06 Jun 2018
Delayed discharge and transfer of care procedure (Review Sept 18) CLPr023 924KB PDF This procedure defines when a patient becomes delayed and the reporting/recording process that provides accurate reporting on the reasons for delays to support action planning to minimise such occurrences. 29 Jun 2018
Delirium Guidance (Review May 2020) MMG033 987KB PDF To provide guidance for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of delirium. 27 Jun 2018
Dental care for peg fed patients 543KB PDF An information leaflet about supporting mouthcare for those who are peg fed 22 Aug 2017
Dental Information - Easy Read 685KB PDF An easy read leaflet about caring for your teeth 04 Oct 2018
Diabetic Charcot Foot leaflet 92KB PDF A leaflet outlining information on Charcot Foot - Diabetes information and advice. 10 Feb 2017
Diabetic Footwear advice leaflet 92KB PDF A leaflet outlining diabetes information and advice - footwear 10 Feb 2017
Diabetic High Risk foot leaflet 97KB PDF A leaflet outlining diabetes information and advice - high risk foot 10 Feb 2017
Diabetic Holiday Feet leaflet 234KB PDF A leaflet outlining diabetes information and advice - holiday feet 10 Feb 2017
Diabetic Low Risk Foot leaflet 91KB PDF A leaflet outlining diabetes information and advice - low risk foot. 10 Feb 2017
Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Leaflet 301KB PDF A leaflet informing about DBT therapy 19 Jun 2017
Discharge and transfer adult physical health beds (Review Jan 2020) CLP056a.pdf 681KB PDF To determine practice guidance for staff to follow when transferring the care of patients to organisations within and external to the Trust. Also includes transfer of care between nursing shifts. 19 Jan 2017
Disciplinary Policy (Review July 2019) HR001.pdf 644KB PDF This policy is to ensure that disciplinary matters are dealt with in a consistent, fair and reasonable manner in issues relating to misconduct. 27 Sep 2016
Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Policy (review April 2021) HR023 958KB PDF Describe why and how we conduct Criminal and Barring checks across the Trust and to clearly define the responsibilities of those involved in requesting and retaining information. 02 Aug 2018
DNACPR (Review April 19) CLP054 996KB PDF To provide a safe and consistent person centred approach to enable people to make informed decisions relating to resuscitation. 31 Oct 2017
Domestic Abuse SOP and pathway 973KB PDF Standard operating procedure regarding domestic abuse 29 May 2018
Dress code policy (review Aug 2020) - ICP019 579KB PDF DoH publications ‘Uniforms and Work Wear: An evidence base for developing local policy 2007’ and ‘Guidance on Dress code policies for NHS employees 2010’, advises trusts should satisfy various criteria regarding work attire, specifically uniforms. 06 Jun 2018
Dual Diagnosis Working Protocol (Review May 2021) CLPr021 672KB PDF To provide clear guidance and procedures to clinicians, professionals and managers operating at the interface between substance use services, mental health, learning disability and third sector organisations. 26 Jun 2018