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Name Size/Type Description Date
Abdominal Breathing Leaflet 607KB PDF An information leaflet advising service users of abdominal breathing activities 19 Sep 2018
About NHFT information sheet 36KB PDF An information sheet about NHFT. 03 Aug 2018
Access to MSK Spinal Pathway poster 176KB PDF A poster outlining information on how to access the MSK Spinal Pathway. 23 Sep 2016
Access to Trust Records Procedure (review Oct 2021) IGPr014 1044KB PDF The purpose of this procedure is to establish the Trust’s responsibilities, as the designated data controller under the General Data Protection Regulations/Data Protection Act 2018, to comply with and process access to health records requests. 11 Oct 2018
Acupuncture information leaflet 355KB PDF A leaflet outlining acupuncture treatment for patients. 26 Sep 2016
Acute Liaison Mental Health - Confidentiality cards (NGH) 34KB PDF Business cards for ALMHS 01 Sep 2017
Acute liaison mental health leaflet 274KB PDF A leaflet explaining the role of the acute liaison mental health team (with action plan). 28 Nov 2017
Acute Liaison Mental Health Service - KGH 35KB PDF A poster outlining contact information for Acute Liaison at Kettering General Hospital. 26 Sep 2018
Acute Liaison Mental Health Service - NGH 35KB PDF A poster outlining contact information for the Acute Liaison Service at Northampton General Hospital. 26 Sep 2018
Administration of medication by HCAs in the community children's nursing service Protocol (Review Jan 2019) MMPr024 1002KB PDF To provide a safe and legal provision of medication to children under the care of the community children's nursing service by HCAs. 27 Jun 2018
Adult ADHD and Asperger's team leaflet 1721KB PDF A leaflet outlining information about ADHD and Asperger's. 11 Nov 2016
Adult Catheterisation – Insertion and Management Guidelines CLPg071 – (review March 2020) 1311KB PDF The aim of this policy is to provide nursing and care staff with research based evidence to reduce as much as possible the infection risks involved with catheterisation and catheter use. 02 Aug 2018
Adult Community Mental Health Service Operational Policy OP.ACMHS (Review April 2021) 1306KB PDF To set out the standards and expectations for Adult Community Mental Health Services within Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. 19 Jun 2018
Adult Mental Health Pathway Road Map 1089KB PDF A document highlighting a patient / service user journey and how they may access our services. 25 Jan 2019
Adult Speech and Language leaflet 724KB PDF A leaflet outlining information on the Adult Speech and Language Service. 11 May 2018
Advance Care Planning (ACP) booklet Version Three 1834KB PDF A document for people to think about their wishes, preferences, priorities and care towards the end of their life. Hard copies are available from 01 Jun 2018
Advance Care Planning poster for booklet 2018 334KB PDF 01 Jun 2018
Advanced Care Planning leaflet 2018 267KB PDF ACP leaflet showcasing information about the ACP booklet 01 Jun 2018
Alcohol Screening Card - self-check tool 82KB PDF An helpful scoring card for people to check their alcohol intake 13 Feb 2019
ALMHS Acute liaison mental health service (Review Dec 2018) OP.pdf 1242KB PDF Acute Liaison Mental Health Service Operational policy – to inform on the operational process and pathway of the service. 18 Jan 2017