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Name Size/Type Description Date
IAPT - exam stress getting you down? 1471KB PDF A poster highlighting how the IAPT service can support those who are feeling stressed by exams. 24 May 2019
IAPT - are day to day struggles getting you down? 1196KB PDF A poster explaining the role of our IAPT team and how people can access the service. 24 May 2019
IAPT - are you not sleeping? feeling stressed? 1176KB PDF If you are struggling to sleep, feeling stressed, or lacking energy contact our Changing Minds IAPT service. 24 May 2019
IAPT Operational Policy (Review Sept 2020) OP-IAPT 660KB PDF To inform on the operational process and pathway of the Changing Minds Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) Service. 27 Feb 2018
IAPT postcard 65KB PDF A card for patients outlining contact information for IAPT. 23 Sep 2016
Identification of Patients Policy (Review Aug 22) CLP061 995KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (NHFT) inpatients can be correctly identified in order to reduce and, where possible, eliminate the risks and consequences of misidentification. 15 Aug 2019
Identifying, Reporting, Investigating and Learning from Deaths in Care (review Jan 21) CRM012 1360KB PDF Sets out the Trust’s approach to meeting the National Guidance on Learning from Deaths (NQB 2017) 06 Feb 2018
IGP - Archiving Lists template 999KB XLSX Archiving lists template for completing when archiving documents. 21 Jun 2019
Improving your food intake when you have a poor appetite leaflet 562KB PDF A leaflet including advice if you have a poor appetite. 10 Dec 2019
Incident Policy (including near miss and serious incidents) (Review Jan 2020) CRM002.pdf 692KB PDF This policy is to provide a framework for the management of all incidents, including near misses and serious incidents. 19 Jan 2017
Infection Prevention and Control Assurance Framework (review Sept 2020) ICP000 646KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to confirm and outline the arrangements for Infection Prevention and Control to protect both service users and staff from the avoidable risks of the spread of infection and ensure that the organisation is compliant with key documents. 06 Jun 2018
Information Asset Management Procedure (review Jan 21) IGPr015 779KB PDF This policy defines the procedures for maintenance of the Trust Information Asset Register. 26 Jun 2018
Information Governance Management Framework (review Jan 2021) IGPr002 970KB PDF This procedure provides individuals assurance that personal information is dealt with legally, securely, efficiently and effectively. 17 Jul 2019
Innovation Research Governance Framework (Review Jul 22) CLPs001 1036KB PDF The purpose of this Framework is to clearly describe in a single source document the Trust’s approach for the management and governance of all aspects of the Innovation Pathway, including Innovation (I) and Research (R). 08 Aug 2019
Inpatient alcohol detox Guidelines (Review Mar 2020) MMG013 1837KB PDF To provide guidance on the management of alcohol detoxification on inpatient units. 26 Jun 2018
Intravenous Drug Administration Guidelines for ICT Nurses (Review Jul 22) MMPr016 874KB PDF A document outlining the Intravenous Drug Administration Guidelines for ICT Nurses. 25 Jul 2019
Investigation Policy for Incidents, Complaints, Concerns and Claims (review Jan 2020) - CRM008 723KB PDF This policy applies to all formal investigations undertaken by the Trust in relation to all incidents including serious incidents, clinical reviews and near misses, formal complaints, and claims and will be implemented across all service areas of the Trust. 11 Apr 2018
IPC Recovery Operational Policy (rev Sept 2020) OP-IPC 439KB PDF IPC Recovery Operational Policy 08 Jun 2018
Isolation procedure (Review Jun 2020) ICPr012 775KB PDF The terms ‘isolation’ and ‘isolation nursing’ are used in preference to ‘barrier nursing’. There are two reasons for isolating patients for control of infection purposes: to protect the patient ‘Protective Isolation’ and to protect others ‘Source Isolation’. 28 Jun 2018