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Safe and Effective use of Bedrails Protocol (Review Jan 2020) CLPr011.pdf 696KB PDF To provide guidance for staff in the alternative options to bed rails and the assessment, ordering, fitting and maintenance of bed rails. 01 Feb 2017
Safe Haven Procedure V3 (Review Nov 21) IGPr012 839KB PDF This procedure outlines the safe haven process that needs to be in place within NHFT to provide confidence and reassurance that personally identifiable data for both staff and patients is protected appropriately; and for other NHS Trusts and partner organisations that send information to NHFT, that this information is sent to a location which ensures the security of data. 04 Jan 2019
Safeguarding Adults Policy (Jun 2021) CLP055 883KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to ensure; individuals that access NHFT services and staff are protected from abuse as well as staff Trust staff know how to respond to safeguarding issues correctly. 26 Jun 2018
Searching of Inpatient, Visitors and Rooms Policy (Review Dec 2019) CLP057.pdf 639KB PDF To assist in the maintenance of a safe environment for all people within the Trust by providing guidance on the control of access to dangerous items or substances with due regard for the dignity of the patient concerned. 19 Jan 2017
Seclusion Policy (Review Jun 22) CLP007 1477KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to help reduce and avoid the need for seclusion, to minimise the risk of seclusion being misused, to enable the practice of seclusion to be monitored, reported and reviewed, and to ensure compliance with the Mental Health Act 1983 Code of Practice, on which this policy is based. 18 Jul 2019
Section 17 A Mental Health Act 1983 -Supervised Community Treatment (Review Jan 2020) CLP050.pdf 554KB PDF This policy provides a framework for the management of patient care in the community under Section 17a of the MH Act 1983. 19 Jan 2017
Self-administration of Medication Protocol (Review Nov 20) MMPr033 1060KB PDF The aim of the protocol is to describe the principles behind self-administration, describe the self-administration programme and the protocol to be followed when patients self-administer. 28 Dec 2018
Sensible Swaps leaflet - Dietetics 1157KB PDF A leaflet which gives details of lower calorie alternative to higher calorie foods. 26 Apr 2018
Serenity Operation Policy (Review Nov 19) OP.SARC 874KB PDF The policy advises on the daily working practices of the SARC, how it links with partner organisations and how the team provides safe and professional service user engagement at the point of care. 12 Nov 2018
Sharps Management Needle-Stick Injuries and Exposure to Blood Borne Viruses Procedure (Review Mar 2020) ICPr005 822KB PDF The risk of transmission of blood borne viruses is greater from patient to healthcare workers than vice versa. Occupational risk of transmission arises from possible exposure to contaminated blood or other body fluids from an infected patient. 29 Jun 2018
Shoulder classes leaflet 491KB PDF A leaflet explaining shoulder classes available for physiotherapy patients. 24 Apr 2018
Smoke Free Environment Policy (Review Dec 2019) HR032.pdf 644KB PDF To ensure the Trust retains a smoke free environment. 18 Jan 2017
Social media flyer - nutrition and dietetics 105KB PDF A flyer showing useful social media accounts for nutrition and dietetics advice. 21 May 2018
SOP-Single Sex Accommodation Legislation in Mixed Gender Wards.pdf 350KB PDF The purpose of this SOP is to give guidance to staff to enable the management of beds with the adult inpatient mental health service and ensure compliance with same sex accommodation legislation within those wards that have a mixed population of males and females. 18 Jan 2017
Speech and Language Therapy - Talking Success poster 453KB PDF A poster advertising Talking Success course to schools. 13 Feb 2019
Spiritual Wellbeing - poster 82KB PDF A poster showing locations of the S.W team 20 Feb 2019
Staff Supervision Policy (Review April 22) CLP079 1294KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all staff with substantive contracts within NHFT can access quality effective supervision on a regular basis which is supported by management, monitoring and quality assurance processes. 16 Apr 2019
Standard Operating Procedure for the administration of paracetamol and ibuprofen within Northamptonshire Custody (review Sept 20) MMpr037 786KB PDF To enable a wide range of staff, following appropriate training, to be able to administer paracetamol and or Ibuprofen to patients presenting with Pain, and Pyrexia without any other symptoms 16 Nov 2018
Standard Precaution Policy (review Sept 2020) ICP002 1092KB PDF This policy outlines the standard precautions to be implemented by all healthcare staff as part of their routine practice, in order to reduce the risk of infection, transmission and environmental contamination from micro-organisms from recognised and unrecognised sources. 06 Jun 2018
Stay and Play - Perinatal Mental Health - flyer 231KB PDF The Specialist Perinatal Mental Health Service wants to support and help mums who are currently accessing the service by offering a community stay and play group. 27 Aug 2019