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Name Size/Type Description Date
Call Don't Fall Poster 138KB PDF A poster advising patients about call bells 03 Aug 2018
CAMHS Live posters 2798KB PDF Posters advertising CAMHS live 20 Sep 2017
Care of the Deceased Patient (Review Jul 2020) ICPr011 816KB PDF The aim of this procedure is to advise staff on the principles of safe practice to prevent the spread of infection from a deceased service user, whilst ensuring that they are treated at all times in a respectful manner, paying heed to their religious beliefs. 29 Jun 2018
Care Programme Approach Policy and Practice Guidance (Review: July 19) CLP010.pdf 347KB PDF The aim of this document is to give staff more detailed guidance to support them in the implementation of the Care Programme Approach across NHFT. 16 Nov 2016
Carer Group Leaflet 1179KB PDF An leaflet regarding the initial 4 week programme designed to support carers who care for someone with a mental health difficulty 06 Jul 2018
Carers and Confidentiality.pdf 2387KB PDF 13 Dec 2018
Catheter Passport (review March 2019) 1703KB PDF This document provides a shared record between the patient and the healthcare professional 23 Mar 2017
Changing Minds IAPT leaflet 698KB PDF A general information leaflet for the Changing Minds IAPT service 26 Jul 2018
Chaperone Policy (Review Dec 2018) CLP004.pdf 402KB PDF This policy applies to trust staff who examine, treat or provide care to service users and does not detract from any professional guidance, standards or codes of practice. 18 Oct 2016
Chat Health poster - Catholic 127KB PDF A poster advertising ChatHealth - Catholic school poster. 03 Nov 2016
Child Protection Policy April 2019 CLP047 817KB PDF This policy applies to those service users aged less than eighteen years of age and all staff who work within the Trust. 21 Aug 2018
Children Visiting Inpatient and Residential Units Policy (Review March 2020) CLP046.pdf 558KB PDF To ensure that the interests and safety of children visiting inpatient areas are protected at all times. 07 Jun 2017
Chronic Back Pain leaflet (2017) 371KB PDF A document outlining information on Chronic Back Pain Management. 13 Sep 2017
Claims Management and Legal Advice Policy review April 2019 - CRM004.pdf 800KB PDF To guide all staff on the process for dealing with claims including timescales and how to access legal advice. 26 Sep 2016
Cleaning and Disinfection Policy (Review Mar 2020) ICPr001 1168KB PDF To ensure that all NHFT staff are aware of the practices that maintains the highest standards of infection prevention and control in order to safeguard staff, patients and visitors from infections. 28 Jun 2018
Clinical audit strategy (Review Jun 17) CLPs001.pdf 314KB PDF The aim of this strategy is to use clinical audit as a process to embed clinical quality at all levels within NHFT. 18 Oct 2016
Clozapine Treatment and Operational Procedures PHD (Review Jan 20) MMPr015 1512KB PDF This is a document to determine the operational procedure for staff to follow when administering clozapine treatment to patients. 27 Jun 2018
Clozapine treatment operational procedures (Review January 2020) MMPr015 1485KB PDF To detail the standards to be met for patients prescribed Clozapine and describe the roles and responsibilities of each of the members of the multidisciplinary team when caring for a patient on Clozapine. 17 Oct 2018
CLP - APPENDIX 2 - CLINICAL AUDIT - SERVICE EVALUATION PROPOSAL FORM pg 23.doc 351KB DOC A blank audit/service evaluation proposal form for staff to complete. 18 Oct 2016
CLP - APPENDIX 4 - COMPLETED AUDIT REPORT pg 30.doc 343KB DOC A document to help you with writing your audit report, service evaluation, and findings in a standard way. 18 Oct 2016