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Name Size/Type Description Date
Rapid Tranquilisation Policy for use in Children and Young People aged 12 to 18 years (Review Apr 20) MMP018 1344KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to ensure that RT is used safely and effectively in line with agreed standards and guidelines to manage disturbed/violent behaviour in children and young people aged 12 to 18 years. 16 Jan 2020
Rapid Tranquillisation Policy (review Apr 22) MMP011 1461KB PDF The purpose of this policy is to ensure that rapid tranquillisation is used safely and effectively to manage disturbed/violent behaviour in line with agreed standards and guidelines. 02 May 2019
Recovery College - poster 100KB PDF A poster to showcase Recovery College 12 Sep 2019
Recovery College Course Prospectus 2019 / 20 4715KB PDF The 2019 / 20 Recovery College prospectus which gives details on the latest classes to be offered by the Recovery College team. 20 Sep 2019
Recruitment & Selection Procedure (Review Jun 2021) HRp026 1062KB PDF Details the process for recruitment and the appropriate pre and post employment checks which must be carried out for all persons applying for work in the Trust. 29 Jun 2018
Reducing risk of falls - booklet 1172KB PDF A leaflet with information about reducing the risk of falls 13 Feb 2019
Reducing risk of falls after a brain injury 287KB PDF This booklet is to provide information on how you can help to prevent a fall and to prepare yourself in case you do have a fall. 04 Feb 2020
Remediation Procedure for medical and dental staff (Review Jan 20) HRp015 1174KB PDF To resolve situations relating specifically to the capability of Medical and Dental staff. 19 Jun 2018
Resources to support Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health for Young People - Coronvirus 65KB DOCX Helpful links for children and young people and parents 24 Mar 2020
Resuscitation and medical emergencies (Review Jun 22) CLP002 2079KB PDF This policy provides direction and guidance for the planning and implementation of a high-quality and robust resuscitation service to the organisation. 23 Jul 2019
RIDDOR Policy (Review August 21) HSCp009 1016KB PDF Procedure on the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations. 06 Sep 2018
Risk Management Strategy (Review Jul 20) CRM001 1111KB PDF The purpose of this strategy is to provide a framework and standard for staff regarding the management and responsibility for risk throughout the Trust. 06 Aug 2019
rTMS leaflet 5574KB PDF A leaflet outlining information on Repititive Transcranial Magnectic Stimulation (rTMS). 02 Mar 2017