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Family Ambassador Service - St Andrews Healthcare

The Family Ambassador Service is available at this location.

How can we help?

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How can the Family Ambassador Team help?

Following the admission of a child / young person to a CAMHS Tier 4 Inpatient Unit, the Family Ambassador Team aims to contact you to introduce the Family Ambassador Service and how they may be able to support you. The team aims to offer support from the point of first contact right through to the child / young person’s discharge. Our engagement and support are provided via email, Microsoft TEAMS, and telephone calls, depending on your preference. Face-to-Face meetings can also be accommodated.

  • Help parents / carers to navigate their child’s inpatient journey, providing emotional and practical support.
  • Support parents / carers to understand the inpatient system and processes.
  • Enable parents / carers to raise concerns and where necessary take action to escalate those concerns if required.
  • Help parents / carers to understand the roles within the multidisciplinary team.
  • Support Disability Living Allowance (DLA), Personal Independent Payments (PIP), and travel claims.
  • Provide pre-meeting support and preparation.
  • Provide post meeting support and information.
  • Help with early identification of concerns: support to resolve these and build confidence in their ability to work alongside the clinical team as a partner in care.
  • Empower parents / carers to be seen, heard and involved in their child’s care.
  • Encourage parents / carers to plan for a future beyond their child’s mental health illness.

What is the Family Ambassador Programme?

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What is the Family Ambassador programme? 

Watch this selection of YouTube videos to find out more information on what the Family Ambassador Programme is and how it can support you and your family through a CAMHS inpatient admission.