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Join an iDiscover activity


Join an iDiscover activity

We offer lots of free activities to help you to live well and learn new things. All our activities have been created with children, young people and those who care for them. They are a great way to find out more about who you are.

Our activities can include workshops, courses, webinars and more. 

Find out more about our activities

Try some apps and other tools


Try some apps and other tools

Try some prompt cards and worksheets

We have developed some worksheets, promo cards and other tips, that some people find helpful.

Open the prompt cards and worksheets

How about some online support? 

STOPP is CBT in a nutshell. Learn this one key skill and you can start to take control of your emotions and your life.


How about trying some apps?

Note: NHFT provides the following links as suggested tools. We cannot take any responsibility for content provided on third-party websites.

Habit trackers



Rabit – habit tracker and goals planner

Access Rabit on the Google Play store here
Access Rabit on the Apple App store here


Self care and mental health care


Cove – music for mental health


Flo – for period and mood tracker

Remente – Self care, mental health and personal growth

Pzizz App | Sleep at the push of a button

Chill Panda – Reducing anxiety and improving well being in Children through a fun gaming app

Catch it - University of Liverpool

My Possible Self: The Mental Health App

Home - Calm Harm App

Meditation and Sleep Made Simple - Headspace

Rootd App - Panic Attack & Anxiety Relief Right in Your Pocket



Smart Tales - Smart Tales

Breathe, Think, Do! - Sesame Workshop

Mindful Powers (



Find powerful influencers


Find powerful influencers 

The young people we work with have picked out some of the social media influencers who inspire them. Let us know who else you think should be on this list by emailing 

Body positivity and eating disorders

Recovery Connor – body positivity and eating disorder advocate
You can head to the Recovery Connor's Instagram or listen to his podcast to find out more about eating disorders and body positivity.

I-Weigh body positivity
You can access I-Weigh's Instagram or listen to the I-Weigh podcast for body positivity information.

Jay Shetty body and mind positivity advocate and author
You can access Jay Shetty's website or his YouTube channel to find out more about body and mind positivity or listen to his podcast On Purpose.

Hope Virgo body positivity and eating disorder advocate
You can access Hope Virgo's website or her Twitter or Instagram for more information on body positivity and how she overcame her eating disorder.

Nabela  body positivity and wellbeing advocate
You can access Nabela's self-care tips on her Instagram and YouTube channels. 


Dr Alex George  UK Youth Mental Health Ambassador and physician
You can head to Dr Alex' Instagram, his Twitter channel or watch his videos on YouTube.

Mental wellbeing

PsychologywithLee mental health awareness
You can access Psychology with Lee on her Instagram.

Honestly Holisiticanxiety and wellbeing
You can access Honestly Holisitic's Instagram to find out more about how to manage anxiety.

Jim Kwik mental wellbeing 
You can access Jim Kwik's website or find out more on his YouTube channel

The Depression Projectbreaking down stigma on depression and mental health
You can access The Depression Project's website for more information about their work against mental health stigma. Find out more about The Depression Project on their FacebookInstagram,and TikTok channels. 


Anonymous Positive Love – positivity and quotes
You can access Anonymous Positive Love on Instagram.

The Good Quote – wellbeing and motivation
You can access the Good Quote on Instagram.

Read new ideas and updates

Speech bubble

Read new ideas and updates

Some helpful tips

Things that can help keep you mentally well

  • Good physical health, eating well, exercising
  • Going outside and getting some fresh air
  • Taking part in activities, joining groups or classes in something you enjoy

Other important factors that can help keep you mentally well

  • Feeling valued and understood
  • Having opportunities to learn and succeed
  • Feeling you have control over your own life
  • Having a sense of belonging
  • Having the strength to cope when things go wrong
  • Recognising what you are good at and your strengths

For more tips check out the 10 Keys to Happier Living


Read new ideas

Thinkng about new ideas and reading about other people's can help improve how we feel. Check out our blog for inspiration and ideas.

Go to the blog now

Relax and game

Paper plane

Relax and game

Here are some of favourite relaxing games:

Note: NHFT provides the following links as suggested tools. We cannot take any responsibility for content provided on third-party websites or apps. NHFT does not endorse any adverts that appear on this third-party content.

Mindful colouring

Pixilart – colour by number colouring book

Happy Color
You can access Happy Color on the Google Play store here
You can access Happy Color on the Apple app store here

Hoop Stars
You can access Hoop Stars on the Google Play store here
You can access Hoops Stars on the Apple app store here

Peak – brain games and training
You can access Peak on the Google Play store here
You can access Peak on the Apple app store here

Numpuz – classic number games and free riddle puzzle
You can access Numpuz on the Google Play store here
You can access Numpuz on the Apple app store here

Watch videos or listen to podcasts


Watch and listen

Watch a video

We have put together some great videos full of tips and advice. 

Check out the iDiscover video collection


Listen to podcasts

These are some of our favourite podcasts. Find these on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Note: NHFT provides the following podcasts as suggested tools. We cannot take any responsibility for content provided on third-party podcasts

  • Calm
  • Get Sleepy with Spotify podcast
  • Good Vibes, Good Life with Vex King
  • Happy Place with Fearne Cotton
  • I-Weigh with Jameela Jamil
  • Mental: Destigmatise Mental Health
  • Mindful in Minutes
  • Open Mind with Frankie Bridge
  • Radio Headspace by Headspace
  • Recovery Connor
  • The Introvert's Bubble
  • The Self Care Club
  • The Waiting Room with Dr Alex George


Contact us

If you are in Northamptonshire, you can contact these services:

  • Live chat – talk to us on CAMHS live 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday

  • Text a school nurse – for friendly, helpful advice. This service is designed for 11- to 19-year-olds: 07507 329 600 Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm

  • Phone – the consultation line for parents, carers, young people and professionals is available 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday on 0800 170 7055


If you are in a crisis, at risk of self-harm or suicide – the CAMHS crisis team is open 24/7 and can be accessed by calling 0800 170 7055


  1. Text Shout to 85258 at any time day or night. You can find out more by accessing the Give a Shout website 
  2. If your life is at imminent risk, call 999 for emergency help


Other useful contacts:

The Mix is a UK based charity that provides free, confidential support for young people under 25 online and on social and mobile

Blurt it Out for information on how to cope in a crisis and complete a crisis plan

Sexual Health Service NHFT's sexual health team 

Northamptonshire Rape Crisis for anyone affected by sexual violence or abuse