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Specialist leg strengthening device rolled out thanks to funding

S Press leg strengthening device

An innovative new device which helps build leg muscle and speeds up recovery time for patients has been introduced thanks to funding.

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust’s will be the first Trust to introduce the leg-strengthening device called an S-Press (strengthening press) after its Research and Innovation department was awarded funding from Health Innovation East Midlands.

The portable device – which will be used in the Trust's five community hospitals – has been designed for people, who may be weak and frail, to strengthen all the major muscles of the leg used in the sit-to-stand action.

A significant benefit to the S-Press is that it can be used from a seated position or if the person is in bed – meaning that rehabilitation can be started even if the patient is not able to stand. Use of the S-Press reduces falls risk and prevents muscle loss which promotes recovery and means patients can return home sooner. Patients feel more confident and are able to return to their everyday lives and activities faster.

It took seven years to develop the S-Press and the innovator - Jennifer Turner - is a Sheffield-based physiotherapist who set out with the aim to effectively rehabilitate and prevent muscle de-conditioning of frail and physically restricted patients in hospital wards.

Dr Bharath Lakkappa, NHFT’s Deputy Medical Director MH&LDA, said: “Deconditioning in the elderly is a key element in the deterioration of their functional status. Innovation in the reversal or decreasing of deconditioning is key to the health status of individuals receiving inpatient healthcare in NHFT.

“We need to invest in innovation, new ideas, and technologies that increase productivity and generate greater output and value with the same input from staff. As part of this process, we looked at S-Press, a great innovation in rehabilitation to help our inpatients in NHFT. We will continue to look at technology along with processes to help improve the care we provide in NHFT, to deliver the best outcomes for our patients.”

The S-Press is a great example of one of the Trust’s strategy DIGBQ themes of ‘Innovate’.

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