Referring to adult community services - nutrition and dietetics

Welcome to the nutrition and dietetics referral page for adult community services. This page is intended for healthcare professionals only and is not intended for the public. If you are a member of the public, please return to the dietetics main website page for further information.

Included on this page is how to refer to our service, extra information to support a referral, what are inappropriate referrals to our service and useful resources for different dietary conditions. The useful resource section may mitigate the need for a referral to be made to our service so be sure to use these resources with your patients.

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How to refer to our service?

We have a variety of different methods of how to refer into our service, see which method is the right one for you.

Children and young people:
All referrals are submitted through the Referral Management Centre (RMC).


  • GP’s: can refer electronically through the GP system
  • SystmOne users: can refer through SystmOne the dietetics e-referral template
  • Other healthcare professionals: can refer via the website using our referral form

Care homes

Can refer to our service through our online referral form. The care home can do this themselves and a GP referral is not required.


General information to read before referring

General exclusion criteria:

  • Registered GP outside of Northamptonshire
  • Referral under 18 years old (unless pre-agreed with service)

General Information

  • Once the referral has been submitted we will check it meets our referral criteria and prioritise the urgency of the referral. If the referral criterion is met we will make contact with the patient by telephone or letter to either book an appointment or offer an opt-in to our service. If they opt in, an appointment will then be offered. If they do not opt in or decline a booked appointment they will be discharged back to the referrer
  • All referrals are clinically prioritised according to need  but we aim to see people within 18 weeks of referral
  • Patient contact is currently via telephone, face to face or video.
  • Following an initial assessment a patient will be offered further dietetic input if clinically indicated or discharged from the service
  • A letter is sent to the GP and referrer following an initial assessment
  • A patient with swallowing difficulties need to be referred to the Speech and Language Therapy department
  • A patient with a suspected eating disorder need to be referred to the Eating Disorder service
  • A patient with diabetes needs to be referred  to the Diabetes MDT unless their Diabetes is controlled and they need dietary advice for another reason e.g. Nutrition Support or IBS.
  • A patient with a BMI <35 or less or a BMI 35-40 without any comorbidities for weight management advice requires Tier 2 offerings that are available on Public Health Northamptonshire website

How to refer using website form (for non SystmOne users and not GP practices)

Prior to completing a referral to our service make sure you have checked out the additional information section specific to the referral type you are making.

Here you will be able to refer to our community service and specialisms.

Prior to completing a referral to our service make sure you have checked out our additional information section specific to the referral type you are making.This referral form is to be completed by health care professionals. 

If you have any queries please contact us on or 03000 270059

Please ensure you proceed through all pages of the referral submission. You will know the referral has been submitted when you see a page indicating 'Thank you for submitting your referral' with a reference number provided.

  • Gastroenterology
  • Home Enteral Feeding
  • Frailty and Malnutrition requiring Nutrition Support
  • Oncology
  • Renal
  • Weight Management
  • Miscellaneous