TeamNHFT’s Emilia selected for the prestigious Developing Aspirant BAME Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Programme | Latest updates

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TeamNHFT’s Emilia selected for the prestigious Developing Aspirant BAME Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Programme

Emilia Chitenthe

TeamNHFT is delighted to be supporting Emilia Chitenthe as she embarks on the Developing Aspirant BAME Nursing and Midwifery Leaders Programme.

Emilia works within the Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities as Operational Manager, supporting colleagues from across the service.

The programme provides an opportunity for senior colleagues and leaders from across the NHS from BAME communities to join peers from across the country for a year-long programme, covering topics such as: workforce planning, finance, governance, board leadership, mentoring, coaching, quality improvement and more.

Emilia joined NHFT in 2019 as senior sister in the Intermediate Care Team (ICT). Her nursing background started in the UK as a general nurse before taking on a post grad in clinical nursing in surgery, in Australia for seven years, where she also began her career in clinical nursing management. She was involved in setting up TCP in the community for post-surgical long stay patients and managing an underperforming facility out of sanctions and passing their accreditation.

Emilia returned to the UK to take on surgical ward manager position in the NHS and was responsible for turning around two under-performing wards and the successful reconfiguartion of one of them. Due to her dedication and commitment these wards were commended and passed CQC inspections.

Emilia said: “I love interacting with patients. I currently manage the Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities, where I get see another side of the amazing care and compassion towards our service users and I can honestly say how I am proud of them all.

“I want to be instrumental in bringing change and better healthcare for all people and I believe this leaders’ programme will equip me with the right tools I need to do this. I am very thankful to Jean Knight, Chief Operating Officer at NHFT, in always believing in me – even when I didn’t believe in myself - and for her agreement in being my executive sponsor for this programme.”

Emilia started the course in May 2021, and is already implementing the invaluable skills she has learnt, such as copywriting. These skills will not only attribute towards the board reports she writes within her role, but how she communicates effectively with her colleagues, teams and service users.

As part of the programme, Emilia is working alongside Jean to complete a stretch assignment, a project which will see her identify opportunities to improve service delivery for people with Learning Disabilities in our communities, identify health inequalities  and implement lasting changes .

Emilia is one of only four people from Northamptonshire to have been shortlisted for this inspiring programme, a true representation of the hardwork and commitment she has to make a difference, everyday in the exceptional care she delivers.

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