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Trust extends access to digital services

More than 1000 referrals are being made to the Trust every month using the online forms introduced in June 2017.

The system allows the referrer to go to the Trust website, open a link and complete a short form. The link also works on mobile devices making things easier for referrers who may not be able to get to a workstation.

This summer the online forms are being made available across even more areas of the organisation including Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Falls Service.

Further uses of our Live Chat functionality are also being considered across the Trust after the launch of CAMHS Live last June (2017).

On average CAMHS live chat receives 20 calls per month, with an average of two calls resulting in a referral to CAMHS. The majority of the calls give advice and users are signposted to other agencies and services and the Patient Contact Centre and 0-19 services are looking at how live chat could be of benefit in their admin hubs.

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