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Mental health support is waiting to help you

Colleagues at the Integrated Response Hub

Whether you are a veteran, current armed forces personnel, family or someone affected by what they have seen on the news, services are on hand to offer support and advice.

If you are experiencing difficulty with your mental health there is support waiting to work with you – no matter how you are feeling.

If you are Veteran or military personnel and you are in need of support, there are a range of NHS services waiting to help you. You can also find out more about Veteran mental health support, Op COURAGE: The Veterans Mental Health and Wellbeing Service, here.

If you are in a crisis or feel like you are in need of immediate mental health support you can call 0800 448 0828 any time, any day to speak to a mental health navigator. When you call, a colleague with discuss how you are feeling and ensure that you receive the right support for you.

There are crisis cafes across the county which offer face-to-face support and a listening ear if you need somewhere to go. There are locations across the county, and with extended opening hours, the service is here to help. Click here for the locations and opening times.

Feeling low in mood, anxious or not like yourself? IAPT Talking Therapies Northants will work with you to put a plan in place. This might be telephone support, group sessions or guided self-help, they will find what works for you. Take the first step and complete the online form today.


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