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Latest updates

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Reconnect service in HMP Bedford and HMP Peterborough

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Secured Services are now running a Reconnect service in HMP Bedford and HMP Peterborough. Reconnect is a new pilot project commissioned by NHSE for 24 months and is part of the National project to improve health outcomes for people released from prison.

It is recognized that people in prison are at greater risk of poorer health than the general population. Proactive encouragement and support to engage with health services can prevent avoidable differences in health outcomes and positively influence the risk of reoffending. Leaving prison is a time of change; the Reconnect service ensures that transfer to  community health is effective and comprehensive, and that people are supported to access all the services that they need after release. 

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation (NHFT) Trust will be employing dedicated Reconnect workers who will identify and support people who are less likely to engage in health services when released, and work alongside them to link them into community Reconnect services.

In addition, HMP Bedford will also be hosting 2 community workers in Milton Keynes through the charity C2Csocial action. C2C was founded in 2003 and offers a range of pathways to reduce the risk of reoffending. NHFT will be hosting a Reconnect community link worker in 2021 who will be joined by a CSTR worker in 2022. By working alongside our third sector partners we believe we will extend the positive impact we have on the lives of the people we support.

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