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News: Workforce Race Equality Standard 2016

Workforce Race Equality Standard 2016

NHFT considers the development of a culture which embraces diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace as key to increasing staff engagement and enabling the delivery of quality patient care and services, and as such, focus in this area needs to be maintained.

Since April 15, the Trust is required to report annually the Workforce Race Equality Standard in addition to its own annual Equality and Inclusion report. Agreed action plans followed submission of these reports into key areas of focus for the Trust in order to take remedial action if necessary and to proactively target specific areas for improvement within the Trust.

The Trust has now published its 2016 Workforce Race Equality Standard, which reports for the period 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016 along with an action plan, which has been revised for the forthcoming year. This can be found here

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