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News: NHFT in top quarter of NHS trusts for openness and transparency

NHFT in top quarter of NHS trusts for openness and transparency

Local healthcare provider Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust has been ranked 56th out of 230 NHS Trusts in the Department of Health’s ‘Learning from Mistakes League’ achieving a standard of ‘good’.

The league, which has been published for the first time, is designed to look at the openness and transparency in NHS provider organisations.  Trusts are ranked according to their scores in relation to ‘key findings’ in their staff surveys that are strongly relevant to reporting and learning as well as how they report incidents to the National Reporting and Learning System (NRLS) and taking factors such as reports of bullying and harassment into account.

NHFT’s most recent staff survey shows that 62% of staff would recommend the Trust as a place to work and 69% would recommend it as a place to receive care.  These results are above average compared to other community and mental health trusts.

This year’s League shows that 120 organisations were rated as outstanding or good, including NHFT, 78 had significant concerns and 32 had a poor reporting culture.

These findings come at the same time as the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announces ambitious plans to improve safety and transparency within the NHS. These plans include the development of an independent Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch and legal protection for anyone giving information following a hospital mistake. 

Angela Hillery, Chief Executive at NHFT said ‘We are pleased with the results of the ‘Learning from Mistakes League’.  We take reporting incidents and near misses very seriously at NHFT and promote and open and honest culture of doing so with our staff.

‘We always strive to do more and have recently joined the national NHS ‘Sign up to Safety’ initiative which shows our on-going commitment to patient safety and taking action to improve things where we need to.

‘Providing safe, quality care in an open and transparent culture is, and will remain our top priority.’ 

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