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NHFT launches Be Mindful project

Be Mindful Project - Supported by Northamptonshire Health Charity

This will provide patients and service users who have existing mental health conditions with access to an NHS-approved digital mindfulness course: ‘Be Mindful’, which offers supportive guided cognitive behaviour therapies which has the potential to improve users’ wellbeing.

NHFT is delighted that it has received vital funding from the Northamptonshire Health Charity which will enable it to launch this programme free of charge.

COVID-19 has introduced additional stressors to the lives of those with existing mental health conditions and the loss of loss of important support factors such as social support and face-to-face support from healthcare workers. Evidence has shown that this has resulted in increased levels of anxiety, depression, and self-harm.

NHFT is committed to providing outstanding and compassionate care, and recognises the impact which these extraordinary times have had on patients and service users. The project has offered the programme to 250 patients since its launch in June, with more than 60 patients and service users already accessing the programme.

This supportive guided online course offers a flexible pathway which allows users to practise mindfulness at their own speed using a range of cognitive behaviour therapies. The pathway has the potential to reduce levels of stress, depression and anxiety, and maintain and enhance general wellbeing.

The programme is being launched for an initial five month period, more information on the impacts which the course has had on patients and service users will be shared in the forthcoming months.

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