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Lee Johnson, Clinical Supervisor for Changing Minds IAPT, on reaching out for mental health support

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Realising that you might need support with your mental health can be difficult, especially if you have been feeling the same way for a while.

Time to talk day, taking place on 4 February, is an annual awareness day which aims to encourage to speak about how they’re feeling and discuss mental health.

Mental health difficulties can affect us all, at any time, and sometimes we may need support to help us manage these issues. We have asked our mental health colleagues how people can recognise if they might need guidance with their mental health; and how to reach out for support.  

Lee Johnson, Clinical Supervisor for NHFT’s Changing Minds IAPT service, said:

“At times, it can be obvious that we need mental health support but sometimes signs can go unnoticed or we dismiss them. Possible signs of mental health issues might be:

  • Unhelpful changes in sleeping or eating habits which have lasted over two weeks
  • Tiredness, irritability, feeling low in mood, lacking motivation.
  • Having negative or intrusive thoughts, worrying a lot, not being able to switch off from thoughts or troubling images
  • Increased stress levels, trouble relaxing, doing less or not enjoying things so much
  • Relying more on alcohol or other substances to cope or feeling like you need a break from life
  • Mental health issues can also show up as physical symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, or heartburn

“It is important to recognise that we will all experience our own mental health challenges, and how you are feeling will be different to anyone else, but please know that there is support available to provide you with advice and guidance.

“We understand that approaching a professional about your mental health can be difficult if you’re not sure where to start. You may feel reluctant talking to family, friends or work colleagues about how you feel; but sharing how we feel can sometimes be helpful in itself.

“Unfortunately not everyone has someone that they can talk with or feel comfortable confiding in. Either way, you may benefit from talking with a trained mental health professional who can listen in confidence and offer ongoing talking therapy. There is support available, and we are here to listen.”

NHFT offers a wide range of mental health services for people of all ages. Changing Minds IAPT (Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies) can support adults over 17.5 years in Northamptonshire, through offering evidence-based talking therapies, either via video sessions or telephone.

The Mental Health Number provides mental health support any time, any day by calling 0800 448 0828 (support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week) or contact the Samaritans on 116123. Further details of support can be found at: www.nhft.nhs.uk/help

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