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Helping service users to get back into work

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NHFT is dedicated providing ongoing support to people across Northamptonshire who are experiencing difficulty with their mental health.

Although living with a long term mental health condition can significantly impact a person’s life, we are committed to ensuring that we work with service users to put mechanisms in place to achieve their goals.

Having a job can bring numerous benefits to people; routine, structure, identity, social opportunities, a purpose, as well as a wage or salary and we know that having a job can help people with mental health conditions to recover.

At present, only around 4% of people receiving support from secondary mental health services are in paid employment, while studies suggest almost 90% of people with serious and enduring mental health conditions want to work. Many of them can, and the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) Employment Team at NHFT aims to provide the right support to help this happen.

Georgina Lomas, IPS Employment Services Employment Specialist, says: “Having a job has significant impacts on our lives; it can increase our confidence, provide structure and grant us financial independence. For those living with a long term mental health it can be difficult applying for jobs, but we are here to offer support and guidance to over service users to ensure that they have the best possible chance of securing their ideal role.”

Iris, has received support to help get her back into work: “Before looking for work I had just got out of hospital and did not know what to do with my time. I felt quite lost and needed support in finding a job. The employment team helped me to have more confidence in finding a job and were very helpful in encouraging me to go to job interviews.

“I felt that my mental health problems would be a barrier to getting employed, the service helped me to overcome these concerns and supported me in applying for roles and before job interviews. I now have a job I enjoy and feel that Georgina has supported me extremely well and consistently been there as an additional support”.

IPS is an evidence-based approach to helping people with mental health conditions find and keep a paid job. To find out more about IPS employment services, visit:

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