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Humour in Health and Care (Comedy Poetry)

  • Type Live sessions 2022
  • Start 07 Jul 2022 15:00
  • End 07 Jul 2022 16:00


Humour in Health and Care (Comedy Poetry) - Rob Gee, Thursday 7 July (3pm)

Ex-mental health nurse and stand-up poet Rob Gee has performed at over a hundred fringe festivals across the world and won numerous poetry slams, as well as over 20 awards for his solo shows. He’s also lead artist for the Comedy Asylum: comedy shows created and performed by people with a label of ‘severe and enduring mental illness’. He leads bespoke comedy/poetry/improvisation workshops in inpatient mental health settings, as well as group poetry sessions for healthcare staff. Rob will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of using humour in healthcare, drawing on his experiences as nurse, comedian, poet and workshop leader.

Includes Poetry Tapas: a selection of poems will appear in the chat bar. Peruse the menu, pick a poem and enjoy!

This session is now available on demand.

[The duration of this video is 1 hour]

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