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How does the programme work?

Northamptonshire Health and Care Partnership is part of the pilot for T Levels. It has offered this programme to more than 80 students through our employer partner, Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. It has worked in partnership with Tresham College (part of the Bedford College Group) for the past two years.

This has helped young people develop the knowledge, attitude and practical skills to develop in the workplace. It has offered Kettering General Hospital early access to the brightest talent entering the health and care space.

Sheila, Head of Learning and Development at Kettering General Hospital, states: “We have successfully recruited some of our T Level students to permanent positions across our organisation.”

All T level students that apply for permanent roles receive feedback on their application and their interview for developmental purposes.

What happens after the programme is complete?

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What happens after the programme is complete?

T Level career pathway:

There are many routes you can take after you have completed your T Level qualification. You may decide to choose one of the below routes or you may decide to go to university.

T Level career pathway – what could be next:

  • Apprenticeships – many students will be able to move on to a Higher or Degree apprenticeship at level 4 or higher.
  • University – you may decide to apply for a course at university, now you have attained your equivalent A Levels in your T Level.
  • Bank work – many students may wish to join our staff bank now they have the knowledge, skills and behaviours they may wish to build on these and work and gain experience across different areas and earn a wage.
  • Employment – T Levels prepare students for skilled work. This means employers can see exactly which skills and experience the student has gained when considering applications.

The pathways below offer just one example. There are many routes, programmes and careers to choose from. You may choose to apply for a permanent position and gain more experience before you take the next step.

Example T Level (business) apprenticeship management pathway

  • T Level in business (equivalent x3 A Levels) > Business Administration Apprenticeship (level 3) / Project Manager Associate apprenticeship (level 4) > Project Management Degree apprenticeship (level 6) > Senior Leader Apprenticeship (level 7) > Senior manager.

Example – T Level (health) to apprenticeship nursing pathway

  • T Level in Health (equivalent x3 A Levels) > Healthcare Support Worker > Nursing associate apprenticeship (level 5) > Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship (level 6) > Registered Nurse.

What opportunities are there?

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What opportunities are there?

“So far, we’ve had 15 Business T Level students and 70 Healthcare Support Worker T-Level students join our programmes with a great number now employed at Kettering General Hospital”. 

Kettering General Hospital currently offers the following T Level subjects to students in partnership with Tresham College in Kettering:

  • Business
  • Estates
  • Catering (September 2021)
  • Health and social care (coming September 2021)
  • Science (laboratory)

For information on T Levels please get in touch with us.

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Let's talk T Levels: Honour's story

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Let's talk T Levels: Honour's story

What programme did you complete?

I completed the T Level Placement, alongside my Level 3 BTEC in Business, at Kettering General Hospital. The first year was part of the cAn image of Honour, smiling to camera in an officeourse and the second was voluntary as I thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to continue!

What did you learn (top 3 takeaways)?

I gained a huge amount of confidence, knowledge, and skills during my placement at the hospital. I was forced out of my comfort zone and into the working environment, which was extremely valuable and gave me the opportunities I needed to achieve the career I wanted within the NHS.

What advice would you give others thinking about taking on a T Level?

I couldn’t recommend T Level Placements enough. I would not have achieved my current role in the hospital if it wasn’t for the placement as I gained the necessary skills and experience required for the job. It will not only help you in your everyday life but will also help you develop in your career.

Where do you want your career to take you?

After I finished college, I applied for a job within the same Trust I completed my T Level Placement, and I got it! It was one of the best feelings knowing that I can now use the skills and knowledge I gained within the placement, in a working environment. I hope to work at Kettering General Hospital for as long as I can and would love to help and support future T Level students.

How to apply

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How do I apply for a T Level?

Applications are initiated by Tresham college. Please contact Tresham for more information: T Levels at Tresham College  or telephone number: 01536 413123, or contact us via our form to enquire about T Levels at Kettering General Hospital.


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How are T levels graded?

You will get an overall grade of pass, merit or distinction and will be awarded a nationally recognised certificate.

Are T levels included in the UCAS tariff?

Yes. A distinction will offer you 168 tariff points, a merit 120 and a pass 96. See further information here.

What do I need to consider when applying for a T Level?

This course is a mix of study and work (80/20). You will be expected to attend your placements, dress smartly and be professional. We encourage you to get some work experience before enrolling on to a programme for the best results.

What support will I be offered?

Support is provided to students to help with the transition from full-time education to employment programmes, such as T levels and apprenticeships. Student advisors at the colleges will help with the application process and your placement supervisor will also support and offer guidance. You will be given all the statutory and mandatory training plus the pre-employment checks needed before your start.

How do I apply for a T Level?

Applications are initiated by Tresham college, please contact Tresham for more information: T-levels @ Tresham College  or telephone number: 01536 413123, or contact us via our form to enquire about T Levels at Kettering General Hospital.

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