All about social care careers

If you like working with people, social care offers a rewarding career where you can make a real impact.

We support people in Northamptonshire to live independently through patience, commitment, and compassion. Working in adult social care is an emotionally rewarding role and it’s one of the most varied too. Working with a range of people with different care needs means every day is different to the next. We have many roles available working in residential settings (i.e. care homes), community services, and in our local authorities. We also have registered professions in adult social care such as; nurses, nursing associates, social workers, and occupational therapists. Did you know there are also opportunities for becoming self-employed and owning your own business in social care?

To help guide your choices, there are lots of links below to many helpful resources. You can also view the other sections of our website, such as our getting experience section and events page - you can book onto these events to guide your choices and provide you with information of careers you may be interested in!

You may have an idea about a profession, but are unclear about the journey you need to take to get there. There are many different routes and choices for you to take and the links on this page show some examples of pathways to get to your chosen profession in social care.

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We know it can be difficult to know what career you would like to take, let alone choosing the next step that is right for you. To help with this, we have pulled together lot's of great tools to help you make the decision right for you. 

The Skills for Care website has information about the huge range of roles available which you can access by clicking here. You can also check out their case studies and hear from people that work in social care roles to help you decide which one will suit you best. Alternatively you can identify and match the transferable skills you have to jobs we have available.

iI you don’t know how your strengths and talents could compare to the roles we have available, you can take the 'Could you work in adult social care' quiz by clicking on the link below to help you to decide.

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Social care job vacancies in Northamptonshire

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Social care job vacancies in Northamptonshire

The Department of Health and Social Care has a live jobs feed available for all available roles in social care within Northamptonshire. This is a great tool to see the different roles within social care that are all on your door step! 

Please click here to see available roles

Our local North and West Northamptonshire Councils have lots of different social care roles available, why not take a look?

Jobs with the Children's Trust

Working in North Northamptonshire Adult Social Services

Jobs with our home care services

Social care careers

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Social care careers 

There are so many different job roles in social care, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. Finding the right career for you is all about finding out what you enjoy, what interests you and who you want to work with. We have included a few examples of careers in social care for you to have a look at:

A spotlight on real-life experiences of working in social care

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A spotlight on real-life experiences of working in social care

Thousands of people in England work in social care and provide fantastic care, which makes a real difference to those they support. Have a read below of just some real-life experiences of people working in social care: 

Dee, senior caregiver

Flexible working hours and the ability to make a difference every single day is what inspired Dee to move into a career as a caregiver.

Blesson, registered manager 

Blesson began his career as a care worker, but with his experience and further training, he worked his way up to become a registered manager.

Harry, support worker

Harry works as a support worker, helping people live a more independent life.

Let's talk apprenticeships: Natalie's story

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Let's talk apprenticeships: Natalie's story

For an educational background, Natalie attended university and gained an undergraduate degree in Psychology Wellbeing, as well as a Masters in Psychological Wellbeing. On leaving university she joined Northamptonshire County Council as a Wellbeing Advisor in August 2017. Following on, Natalie was promoted in March 2019 to the role of Wellbeing Coordinator and is now responsible for five people. A spotlight on Natalie's apprenticeship journey

The role of Wellbeing Coordinator at Northamptonshire County Council change, and Natalie was offered the opportunity to undertake an apprenticeship. The Apprentice programme was to become a Lead Adult Care Worker, it began in September 2018 and finished in December 2019.

Natalie states that the apprenticeship route is a fantastic way to achieve a hands-on approach to achieve a variety of skills with the additional benefit of getting 20% off for study. Natalie found that being an apprentice was a great option as you learn on the job whilst getting paid.

Having finished her Apprenticeship, Natalie has been offered to complete further training in managerial work and has started a new Apprenticeship to be an Operational Department Manager. This course is over two and a half years and when she is qualified, she will reach the role of a Chartered Manager.

Natalie was nominated for an award by her mentor who saw her transition from the role of advisor to her new role of manager and recognised how she had grown and developed into the role. Natalie’s mentor felt she supported her own apprentices extremely well and that Natalie promoted the apprenticeships route throughout her service. Natalie is extremely proud of the area that she works in and stated that she would recommend the scheme to anyone interested in the career path that she is now on.

Natalie believes when you go to University you learn the facts, but when you become an Apprentice you are hands-on every day, learning compassion and empathy, dealing with individuals that are vulnerable and need support – it is very a rewarding career choice.

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