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Human Resources

These policies are applicable to all staff. Please check back on a regular basis for updates.




As from 1st April 2012 this policy is applicable to all NHFT staff. Framework for staff to be granted removal expenses.

As from 1st April 2012 this policy is applicable to all NHFT staff..A framework to provide more flexible working conditions for those staff with commitments outside work.

This guidance is to assist managers in interpreting and implementing working time regulations.

This guidance is to ensure a uniform and equitable approach to the calculation of annual leave and bank holiday arrangements.

This guidance aims to promote and encourage the achievement and maintenance of the highest possible standards in the recruitment of medical staff.

Guidance on providing support and treatment options for staff who require treatment from Trust services.



This protocol sets out arrangements for time off and facilities for trade union/professional organisation representatives.

Use this protocol to effectively manage the use of bank/agency and overtime within the Trust.

This procedure should be used to support resolution of situations specifically relating to the capability of mental and dental staff.


Strategy to support lifelong learning and to facilitate individual growth and development, supporting staff to acquire new skills and realise their potential.

Last updated: 24 October 2014

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