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Human Resources

Listed below are the key statutory HR policies for the organisation. 


HR001- Disciplinary Policy Procedure (July14-July16) [pdf] 565.22KB

  • This policy is to ensure that disciplinary matters are dealt with in a consistent, fair and reasonable manner in issues relating to misconduct.

HR002 - Grievance Procedure (July14-July16) [pdf] 377.51KB

  • To ensure staff grievances are dealt with quickly, reasonably and as fairly as possible.

HR003 - Organisational Change Policy (Review: March 2017)

  • Policy outlining the procedures which apply to all staff affected by service or organisational change, modernised working methods or any other form of organisational restructuring.

HR007 Managing Equality and Diversity - Review Jan 16

  • This policy sets out the Trust's aim to build a fully inclusive organisation, to eliminate discrimination and encourage diversity amongst the workforce.

HR009 - Raising Issues of Concern (Freedom to speak up) Policy (Sept15-Sept17) 

  • To ensure staff have a clear policy which explains how to raise issues of concern.

HR016 Bullying and Harassment Policy - Review Jan 2016

  • This policy supports the effective resolution of bullying and harrassment issues.

HR017 - Managing Absence Policy (Review July16)

  • This policy supports the effective management of sickness/absence.

HR023 - Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Policy (Review: March 2017))

  • The purpose of this document is to describe why and how Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust conducts police checks in accordance with statutory requirements.

HR025 - Core Skills Training Policy (Sept15-Sept17)

  • This policy identifies the statutory and mandatory training and safer staffing requirements for all trust staff through the adoption of the Skills for Health - core training framework.

HR027 - Maternity Paternity and Adoption Leave Policy (Review: March 2017)

  • To provide guidance for managers and employees regarding the management of maternity, paternity and adoption leave.

HR032 - Smoke Free Environment (Review: Nov16) [pdf] 398.90KB

  • The policy supports the Trust's requirement to provide a smoke free environment.

HR033 - Supervision Policy (Nov13-Nov15) [pdf] 666.67KB

  • To ensure that all staff within the Trust can access effective supervision on a regular basis which is supported by management, monitoring and quality assurance processes.

HR042 - Pay Protection Policy (July14-July16) [pdf] 375.09KB

  • To clearly set out the arrangements wherby protection of pay and other allowances will apply.

HR045 Recruitment Policy (Review: March 2017)

  • To set out the Trust's position statement on recruitment.

Last updated: 14 October 2015

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