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Health and Safety Committee

These policies are applicable to all staff within the Trust.

Please check for updates on a regular basis.

HSC001 - Health Safety Policy (Sept15-Sept17)

  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of all staff and others affected by the Trusts activities.

HSC002 - Risk Registers - Review May 16 

  • Policy and guidance on risk assessments and the use of risk registers.

HSC003 - Fire Policy review July 2016

  • To provide a safe working environment for all its employees, patients, visitors and contractors with regard to fire safety in the workplace.

HSC004 - Security Policy

  • To ensure the security of all NHFT and employee assets

HSC005 - Workplace Policy (Review: Sept 16) 

  • To ensure all Workplaces meet Health, Safety and Welfare needs

HSC006 Lone Working Policy

  • To ensure the safety of NHFT employees in lone working situations. 

HSC008 First Aid Provision Policy (Jan14-April16)

  • This policy promotes a positive approach for managers and employees in the management of First Aid at Work, dealing safely and effectively with injuries and illness at work.

HSC009 - RIDDOR Policy - Review April 16

  • Policy on the reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations.

HSC010 Moving and Handling Policy (Mar14-Mar16 V3 revised Oct15)

  • Policy to reduce the risk of injury, not only to the back but any part of the body, which could be caused through the moving and handling of objects and people.

Personal Moving and Handling Plan

HSC013 - Personal Protective Equipment Policy (Review: Sept 16)

  • To ensure any PPE selected is suitable

HSC014 DSE Policy

  • To ensure the health and safety of all staff working with Display Screen Equipment

HSC015 - Environmental Policy (Jan15-Jan17) [pdf] 259.33KB

  • To protect the environment from any harm which may result from the Trust’s activities

HSC016 - Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (Review: Sept 16)

  • To ensure all substances hazardous to health are controlled

HSC017 - Provision and Use of Work Equipment Policy (Jan15-Jan17 V2) [pdf] 299.20KB

  • To ensure that all work equipment is safe to use.

HSC022 - Policy for the Prevention Management of Latex Allergy (Nov14-Nov16) [pdf] 296.23KB

  • To ensure the health and safety of service users, carers and staff in relation to the risk of latex allergy

HSC023 - Policy for Control of Contractors (Jul14-Jul16)

  • To ensure contractors are fully monitored with their working methods and practices whilst working in Trust’s property.

HSC024 - Policy for Visitors Access to Sites

  • To ensure the healthy and safety of all visitors to our sites

HSC025 - Central Alert System - Review April 16 

  • Policy to ensure all alerts received into the CAS system are acknowledged and actioned appropriately.

HSC026 - Asbestos Policy (Review: March 2017)

  • To define the strategy for managing asbestos within Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

HSC027_-_Water_Safety_Risk_Management_Policy (Jan15-Jan17 V2) [pdf] 443.00KB

  • To ensure the Trust does all that is reasonably practicable to manage the risk of legionellosis / pseudomonas aeruginosa and meet the requirements of the relevant guidance.

HSC029 - Management of Violence and Aggression Policy (Jan15-Jan17) [pdf] 639.35KB

  • To detail the trust's strategy on dealing with incidents of violence and aggression against staff.




HSCg001 Guidelines for the safe use of Mobile Electric Patient Lifting Hoists (Sept15-Sept17)

  • Staff guidance on how to manage the use of mobile electric patient lifting hoists.

HSCg002 - Food Hygiene Guidelines (Sept15-Sept17)

  • Trust safe and hygienic food service delivery.

HSCg003 - Shared Occupancy Guidelines (Dec15-Dec18)

  • To ensure the health, safety and welfare of all staff and others affected by the Trust activities.



HSCp001 - Waste Management Procedures V4 (May15-May17)

  • This document has been prepared to provide a comprehensive source of information on wastes arising at the turst, the legislation underpinning their management and guidance and procedures for their segregation, handling, transport and ultimate disposal.


Last updated: 29 December 2015

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